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    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Nintendo DS cheats and codes

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    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn it's a RPG genre video game developed for Nintendo DS from Camelot Software Planning.

    The game was initially announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles 2009 and follows Golden Sun (2001) and Golden Sun: The Lost Era (2003). Its arrival on the European, Asian and North American markets dates back to 2010. The history of the videogame takes place 30 years after the events of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, whose protagonists managed to free Alchemy to save the world from destruction.
    Over the years the power of the Golden Sun has changed continents, forming new lands and giving birth to new species of living beings. Magical vortexes, however, suddenly appearing, have sucked up the psychic power of the Earth and now a huge vortex could plunge the world into chaos.

    Before meeting Sveta, take all but all the treasures, the Djinns and the other items. After meeting Sveta the place will be completely frozen and you will not be able to go back. Then talk to an elderly woman in Kaocho, before lighting the Tower, then to her niece in Sana, and finally back to Kaocho in one of the houses. You will receive a nice pair of ninja sandals as a gift.

    Complete the game and save after seeing the credits. Load up your game and sail south from Tonfon. Look for a C-shaped peninsula near the edge of the map. There will be a whirlpool that acts as a warp. Enter it and then sail east towards the island with the quarry that serves as the entrance to Crossbone Isle. You will find a very difficult boss to beat.

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