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The world is dangerous, if we venture among Norse mythological creatures and places with unpronounceable names then there is no escape... except for Kratos and his son Atreus, who is a little boy but can hit you with an arrow miles away. You don't just live off fighting and bloodshed, though, you have to make some money. In God of War for PS4, the latest Sony exclusive, to make some money you need to collect the Artifacts.

Artifacts are special items that Kratos and his son can collect while exploring, and then sell them to merchants to earn a little extra money for creating or upgrading the axe, the main weapon of the protagonist.

And like any other collectible, there's a trophy attached to it. You may not always want to get all the collectables, but the world will tempt God of War you to look for them all. There are 45 Artifacts in total, and many of these can be found in the vicinity of the corpses, so keep an eye out for lifeless bodies that glisten to start looting.

Artifacts are more or less like the Treasures of Uncharted even if in the game Naughty Dog they cannot be sold. Here's the complete Artifact guide God of War for PS4.

Artifact location

The Wildwoods

  • Artifact #1: The first artifact is found when you pass through the house of Kratos and Atreus on a hunting trip. Before you leave the area, look to your right.
  • Artifact 2: After leaving the house, you will eventually reach a stone gate. Turn left before crossing it.
  • Artifact #3: Pass the sequence with the deer in the ruins, go right to find an optional path that leads to a waterfall and a chain. Go down to face two wolves. The artifact is near the bottom of the chain.
  • Artifact n. 4: From the temple, leave the doors to reach an icy pond. Eliminate the wolf enemies and you will find here the last artifact of this region.

River Pass

  • Artifact #1: Before you meet Brok the Seller, you can find the first River Pass artifact after climbing the chain and fighting a few reavers. The artifact is at the end of the path. Find it near the first gate for the fast ride.
  • Artifact #2: After you meet Brok on the bridge, take the road to his right and go down.
  • Artifact #3: After escaping the ceiling trap, cross the main path, you will find this artifact on the road. You cannot lose it.
  • Artifact 4: After a film with Atreus on the cliffs, go to the edge to find another artifact.
  • Artifact 5: There is still another artifact nearby. After solving the sand puzzle, swing forward into the cave and climb up the ledge.
  • Artifact no. 6: In the destroyed village, look behind the fourth house you meet.
  • Artifact No. 7: In the Witch's Cave, use the crate of rocks to create a platform that leads to this artifact under the bridge.
  • Artifact #8: Climb the well and come out of the Witch's Cave. In the beautiful cave, follow the path below to find a corpse with an artifact on your right.
  • Artifact #9: Continue past the previous artifact. Stick to the left wall as you move along the route. There is a lore marker and a chain: climb on the chain, turn right and look at the left side of the path.

The mountain

  • Artifact #1: From the statue's room, go right until you reach the old bridge walkway to find a fork in the path. Go right and look in a corner at a wooden barricade. Break through the barrier and break the debris in the dead end to find a corpse.
  • Artifact 2: After crossing the corridor full of spikes, you will enter a larger room with a pointed metal wall in front. There is a yellow painted corner - throw your axe until the sharp-pointed wall opens.
  • Artifact no. 3: from the previous artifact, climb the chain and descend along the path until you descend into a long trench. On the right, use Atreus to destroy the bramble barrier blocking the entrance. The artifact is to the left of the entrance to the huge room with the giant wooden wheel.
  • Artifact #4: At the top of the mountain, climb the stairs to the green area, then go down and look to the right on the forked path through the snow. Just slightly to the right, you will find a body.
  • Artifact 5: Inside the cavern on the summit cross the snowy path, take the lower ramp passage (left of the nornir box) and descend down. On the left, there is a bucket hanging from a rope - in the dark alcove there is an artifact.
  • Artifact #6: Go back to the beginning of the cave and head towards the garden. On the snowy path that leads to the cave with the bridge, there is an easy to miss overhang on the left that you can use to descend. Enter through the door to find a seller, then cross the narrow path.


  • Artifact #1: When you first land on Light Elf beach, you will need to take care of some enemies before you can start looking for collectibles. But once you get rid of these, stand in front of the boat and look to the left. On the other side of a rock face, you'll find a broken road. If you don't already know how to get to Light Elf Shore, you can reach it directly by entering the Lake of Light by turning left and embracing the coast.
  • Artifact #2: This artifact will take a little longer because it is on a cliff that is unreachable until you cross the entire area (don't worry, the area is not big). Defeat the enemies and follow the path from the beach straight ahead. When you fork left and right, go right through the gate held together by the knots. Tip: To get through the gate, throw the axe at the bottom of the gate. Then turn the handle and pull the axe as the gate rises. Throw your axe to destroy the top knot. Once through the gate, go right along the path. You will need to break a few more knots on your way, but eventually you will come to a cliff overlooking the beach where you started. Destroy the knots here to reveal the second artifact. Note: If you don't know how to get to Light Elf Sanctuary, get on the boat at Light Elf Shore and get as far away as you can. Then turn right and follow the canal. You'll find the shore and dock there.
  • Artifact #3: Your first big goal when you enter the Ringed Temple Trench will be to reactivate the bridges. It will take some time to do this, so be patient, but eventually you'll arrive on a platform where there's a legendary chest and a knot that you have to freeze to release the light. An Ancient will generate and fight, but once defeated, turn your back to the knot - and look to the left of the area. On the platform, you will find the third artifact.
  • Artifact #4: You won't find it until you leave the Ringed Temple in Alfheim forever where you found Artifact #3 (it's about 30 good minutes, so don't worry). Once you reach the top of the Temple you will realize that your boat is no longer there, you will have to get back down to the first area of the temple. As soon as the elevator reaches the bottom, turn right and enter the room. You will find Artifact 4 on a corpse in the room.
  • Artifact 5: Move to the main Temple area to fight a Revenant. Once defeated, enter the room on the left and remove the crystal from the ceiling. After fighting with the Draugr, this artifact will be in the cell in the upper corner.
  • Artifact #6: If you are collecting all the collectible items in God of War , you probably already have the Nornir chest in the main area of the Temple. Go to the wheel that lowers the floor and lowers both sides. Cross the room in front of you. When you enter the room with the wheel, the cells will now be open. Defeat the Draugr and find Artifact 6 in the room directly in front of the wheel.

Lake of Nine

For these artifacts, we recommend starting at Tyr Bridge and then moving clockwise around Lake Nine to make things easier.

  • Artifact #1: Leave Brok's shop. With the doors behind you, turn left and head down the stairs. At the bottom, you will find a dead Centurion with this collector's item.
  • Artifact 2: Watchtower. You can reach the Tower by going to the end of Tyr Bridge and turning right. Once you're on the beach, you'll notice both an artifact and a Nornir trunk. The artifact will be in a trap with spikes, as will the three Nornir trunk seals. Look above the Nornir chest and you will see a rotating pole. Throw your axe to lower the spikes and get the artifact.
  • Artifact 3: Take the boat to the Niflheim Tower (again clockwise on the Lake of Nine map). Get out and take the elevator. The artifact will be on a corpse next to a mystic gateway.
  • Artifact 4: Behind the Outcropping Rock on Death Island. Anchor the boat and climb to the top of the cliff. Defeat the enemies here, and then look back to where you first climbed. To the right, you'll see protruding rocks. Inside will be a red container. Hit it with your axe to reveal the artifact.
  • Artifact #5: On the cliff at Forgotten Caves. This area of Lake Nine has many collectables: you can get an artifact, a legendary chest, a crow and a Nornir chest. But let's focus on the Artifact. Once you dock, defeat your enemies. Go right and climb the chain to the top of the cliff. Turn left. You'll see a legendary chest and, on the left, leaning against a rock, you'll also see the artifact.
  • Artifact 6: At the top of the Helheim Tower. Super easy. Take the lift to the top and turn right.
  • Artifact 7: On top of the Alfheim Tower. Take the elevator and look straight ahead. Anceh this is very easy.
  • Artifact #8: After fighting the revenant in Stone Falls, dock and then go straight ahead. Move through the gate and fight the Revenant. After defeating him, look at the ruins on the right side. Near the back, there will be a ledge. Go up and turn left to find the artifact on a corpse. You can also find a legendary chest here.
  • Artifact No. 9: Beyond the dead giant on Crow's Cliff. Moor and defeat the enemies. Go left along the shore, beyond the dead giant. You will see an area where you can climb up the cliff. Look up and destroy a barrier. After you break the chain on your left, climb up and look straight ahead. You'll see a legendary chest on your left and the artifact will be behind the right turn.


  • Artifact 1: on the long pier near the docking point. Overcome the break by jumping it to find the body near the edge.
  • Artifact #2: From the docking point, go right and enter the small cave. Climb to the top here, then go down and turn right. There is an alcove blocked by a wooden barrier. Crack it to find the artifact inside.
  • Artifact no. 3: To the left of the dragon anchor, look for a rider at the bottom of a waterfall. Break through the wood debris to reach him.
  • Artifact 4: On the left side of the bridge leading to the main gates of Veithurgard Castle.
  • Artifact 5: After opening the main gates, go to the room on the left of the sanctuary.
  • Artifact 6: Unlock the passage to the right of the sanctuary and go down into the room with a hole in the ceiling. Before you go down the hall, there is a body to the right of the entrance.


Artifact No. 1: When you reach the frozen Helheim Bridge, look to the right. It is in an icy corner.
Artifact No. 2: Here is a difficult one. In the area with the large stone pillars, look behind one of the pillars in front of the corner of the room - there is an artifact attached to the side, inside some brambles. Burn it with the Chaos Blades to make the artifact fall to the ground.
Artifact 3: After climbing a wall of ice, you will enter a trench with a bridge directly above you. Hit the bramble on the underside of the upper deck.
Artifact no. 4: very simple. On the footbridges / bridges, cross one of the bridges and look into the inner room, on the right.
Artifact 5: There is a Hidden Room in Helheim, just outside the Valkyrie arena. Here you go up the stairs and in the bottom left corner of the Hidden Room there is the artifact.

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