God of War II PS2 cheats

God of War II, video game developed by SCE Studios Santa Monica and published in 2007 for Sony PlayStation 2, is the direct sequel to the first, fantastic God of War.

Let's talk about a dynamic adventure in 3D whose story is heavily inspired by classical Greek mythology. The protagonist is Kratos, who after defeating Ares has become the new God of War. Patron of the Spartans, he feels a grudge towards other deities, who understand that Kratos poses a real threat. Athena warns him that the other gods are looking at him with growing suspicion, but Kratos ignores the warnings and travels to Rhodes, where he uses his powers to conquer the city. becoming a giant, Kratos is struck by an eagle which absorbs some of his powers and transfers them to the statue of the Colossus of Rhodes.
Kratos defeats the Colossus thanks to Sword of Olympus, which however absorbs its residual powers, making man become mortal again. Who dies, crushed by the statue and by Zeus, who had taken the form of an eagle. Sent to Hades, Kratos is saved by the titan Gaia, who explains that if he finds the Fates, he will be able to change any moment of his life and take revenge on Zeus.


This code can be entered at any time before “Sony Computer Entertainment Presents” appears.
The letters will turn purple if the makeup is entered correctly.
L1 + L2 + L3 + CIRCLE and SQUARE at the same time.

Simply complete the game on any other difficulty level to enable this difficulty.

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