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The ipad is ideal for playing a game together. Glow Hockey is one of the few titles in which you can play together or against each other simultaneously in a single ipad: In the form of a digital air hockey table. Here you can look directly at the game table from the sight of a bird and each player must bring the disc to the opponent's door on his side. Very simple and fast game principle-very good and entertaining solved. In Settings you can also change the appearance of the table individually and therefore select within a wide variety. You should, of course, place your ipad on a reasonably stable terrain, because during a game you can go quite a few times to the point.

Glow Hockey 2: Easy to be a master in the game

The principle of "glow Hockey 2" game is like real air hockey: With your gyro you have to try to bring the disc in the goal of the opponent. It is very important to beat the enemy through gangs, because the central line should not be crossed with the player's own character. Challenge a friend: You can compete for two on one device, the biggest fun is always recommended on devices with large screens, especially tablets. When ping pong and air hockey meet, the screen shines. In Glow Hockey 2, in fact, the sparks fly as soon as you touch the touchscreen with your fingers and compete against the computer or your friends. Choose the red or green slider and chase the blue ball to the opposite side. The first to score seven goals wins. In principle, the free-to-play mobile glow Hockey 2 is as simple as it looks at first sight. You compete against each other in the 1 against 1 duel and you have to score goals. For this you will find a light slider on your side, which you can move through touching your touch screen in its half. But these simple-looking games often have the characteristic of becoming somewhat complicated when playing at a higher level. The second part of the Glow Hockey series comes with new sliders and table topics. However, nothing has changed at the beginning of the game.

How to win in Glow Hockey 2

The most important base for skill games like Glow Hockey 2 is a sovereign defensive. To improve your defensive behavior, there is one more simple trick: move as little as possible! In fact, you just have to stand in the middle of your door and, if necessary, make minimal moves to the sides. At least at first. If you now dominate the defensive, you can try to curb your half by clearing and controlling the ball in the corner. If you now pinch the ball in the bands, you can, at the right angle, shoot an accelerated shot (double) or even see your opponent. But beware: the risk of a target itself is very high. You must be very patient if you want to learn such tricks. Slow movements are also easier on the offensive. Slowly push the ball from left to right in the center and wait for the opponent to follow you. If he makes your door, then you shoot directly, he comes too far, then you shoot on the gang. When your opponents are kicked, you can already stalk on the front and hit the ball sideways. Your opponent will have no choice but to catch the ball of the virtual net, as he must advance to perform the offense. If you don't hit the ball correctly, the target is very high. Glow Hockey 2 Long ago in the Smartsphone due to its luminous effects. The most fun is the multiplayer mode, which means playing along with friends. Ideally, you are the mobile game on a platter and sit in front of a table. If you are interested in downloading glow hockey for PC, I recommend that you follow the link, in gums up we explain how!

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