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In Fifa 17, the popular Ultimate Team mode brings a lot of joy and frustration. Therefore, the latter not too often happens, EA released the new title 5 Update for PC, Xbox One and PS4. This patch 01:06 to fix an unpleasant error, the "technical problem without losses". This allowed the players the date to never allow for defeats.   EA already has a lot of game with Fifa 17, after all, are you listening, a soccer simulator through various modes such as career, kick off, ultimate team or professional clubs. Also, it's still the story mode. It can be used to start up as some bugs, especially in what FIFA also appear every year. Updates with EA Sports, Bugs and problems that try to eliminate.   With the new 01:06 update for consoles and PC EA has corrected an error that could force disconnections by the player with substitutions. EA Sports developers reported on Twitter.   Fifa 17 is a complex football game, but with the tips and tricks of the right it works definitely better than before. These 21 tips will show you how easily shoots doors, uses the best tricks, free throws or transformed many coins in Ultimate team gets.

  This error is probably called "technical problem without loss". This could cancel the game and avoid a defeat in the waste players. Anyone who uses this flaw has probably suffered any defeat. With this trick and patience a "cheat" such were probably more of the honest players souls. This is especially bitter that players can qualify with prizes in successes in the real Champions Fut tournaments. Either cheat to be punished subsequently for such a deception is questionable.   On January 21st and 22nd of the league the FIFA team corroborated a glitch in the game. EA justified the decision with "technical problems". The developers emphasized a message within FIFA 17, that the game should be fair. The way in which EA communicates the ruling, already pointed to the presence of an unfair game mechanic. If you are interested in get free coins in FIFA 17, check the link.

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