FIFTY is the Tendam Group’s chain dedicated to the sale of garments, with great discounts, of its brands: Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Springfield, Women’secret and Milano. It currently has points of sale in Spain, Portugal, Serbia and Bosnia.

Although it is an outlet, FIFTY also offers some gift cards for its stores. On the one hand we have the gift card which works only online and, on the other hand, the subscription card which can only be used in physical FIFTY stores. Below we will explain you how to get them, their real price and our opinion.

How to get a FIFTY Gift Card

As mentioned above there are two types of gift card. You should choose yours depending on whether you think that person will use it more online or physically. Please note that the online gift card is only redeemable for Women’s Secret. Here’s how to get them:


  • If you buy a gift card in their online store, you will receive a message to the email address you registered with, with a pin code for the value of what you have purchased. This pin code is the one you have to send to whoever you want to give the gift card to. The card can only be used in the women’secret online shop, by entering the pin code received at the end of the purchase. The money left on the card will be lost, so we recommend that you put the right amount and that person spends it all on a purchase.
  • As for the subscription cards, if you want to get one you should go to the nearest shop you have and ask for it at the box. They’ll make it for you right away. Please note that this card can only be used in physical FIFTY stores. The money you insert cannot be exchanged for cash.

What is the price of these FIFTY Cards

While there are other stores where their cards have a fixed price, this is not the case with FIFTY. However, when you go to make a purchase from their cards they will indicate a recommended amount or a minimum and maximum:

  • In the case of Gift Cards the amount must be between a minimum of 10 euros and a maximum of 100 euros.
  • There is no minimum, but there is a maximum on the Subscription Cards. You can insert money up to 500

How to redeem the FIFTY Gift Card

Redeeming FIFTY gift cards is no secret. It works like many of the cards you already know. However, here’s how to do it in case you have any questions:

  • The gift card (online) must be redeemed at the Women’s Secret online store. You must select the gift card option and insert the code of your card at the time of payment. This amount will be automatically deducted from your gift card.
  • In the case of subscription cards, you will only have to buy in any FIFTY store and at the time of payment, pay with that card at the cash desk. Like the gift card, this money will be subtracted from the balance of your card.

Free FIFTY Gift Cards

On the internet you can find different information about how to get gift cards and free subscriptions. In addition, there are many websites that offer free code and card generators for many companies and platforms.

However, many of these generators do not provide the expected result to the user. That is why we recommend, a 100% reliable resource generator that will provide you with free and legal cards for FIFTY.

FIFTY Gift Cards Overview

We believe that these gift cards can be useful to surprise any fashion lover. Thanks to these the person will be able to buy any garment they want without spending their own money. Besides, it is perfect if you don’t know what to give that person, since they will choose it according to their own taste.

However, we believe that they should change the way they work and that the remaining balance should be used for the next purchase.

What do you think about this article? What is your opinion about these cards? If you have any questions or comments about the FIFTY Gift Cards, please share them with us in the comments section.


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