General Chaos Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

General Chaos it's a strategy video game, with humorous tones, developed by Game Refuge Inc. and published in 1994 by Electronic Arts. The protagonists of the game are two generals, “General Chaos” and “General Havoc“.

The two compete in single or mode battles campaign with the sole objective of defeating the enemy and conquering the rival's capital city. Each player can choose a team from the four available: three of these have five soldiers while the latter has only two "commandos" and uses a different, more effective control system. The player assists and above all controls the stages of the battle from an isometric perspective, with the soldiers drawn in cartoon style that give a lot of reason on the battlefield.
The balance between action (would it be better to say scuffle?) And strategy is the basis of the great fun that General Chaos offers the gamer. A game not exactly easy to find, at least not in a complete version with box and manual, on the second-hand market. However, they are very well spent money, given that it is in our opinion a cult for all collectors of the 16-bit console from SEGA.

The programmers created a bug in the game. To get an advantage over your opponents, select a team with a pitcher. During the game, throw a grenade at your enemies and pause the game while the grenade is in the air. Both teams will be paralyzed, but the grenade will continue to travel its path until it hits the opponent.

Press START, then proceed as follows: on controller 1 press and hold A + B while on controller 2 press and hold C + A. You will hear a sound confirming that the trick has been accepted. At this point on controller 1 hold down A + C and on controller 2 instead hold down B.

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