Gears POP ! - Tricks and Guide for Beginners

Gears POP is the new strategic turn-based multiplayer that combines the Gears of War characters with the style of Funko POP and a tower defense gameplay inspired not too vaguely to Clash Royale, which at launch alone has recorded thousands of downloads.

To help you make this new experience a little smoother, we thought we'd put together a guide to get you started.
We'll walk you through the whole experience before giving you some more specific tips and tricks that should help you become the next Marcus Fenix.

How does it work Gears POP ?

On paper, it looks a lot like a Clash Royale clone and in many ways it is: you create a "deck" made up of Gears of War characters (pins), equipped with special equipment and skills and go into battle against other players online in real time. Gears POP

There are three goals that must be destroyed to win: 2 turrets that protect the central fortification of the opponent. To reach it you must conquer a series of shelters on the sides of the screen so that you can place your troops further and further forward in the map and not give your opponent a break.

To play a brooch, you have to drag it into play from your "deck" at the most suitable point and depending on the skill, weakness and resistance of the brooch.

Each brooch has an energy cost and you will have a pool of up to 10 units that will automatically recharge over time. Knowing how to best manage charging times and the cost of the pins can really make a difference, which is why we recommend that you rely on our guide to the best pins.

As we said at the beginning, if you're a Clash Royale veteran, the system of coverings introduced in Gears POP the Clash Royale may initially leave you a little disoriented. However, this system should not be overlooked, on the contrary, you will have to change your approach and avoid charging without taking into account this new and fundamental game mechanics that can offer shelter to your troops and stop the enemy advance.

To help you in battle there is also your supreme ability, which can literally reverse the fate of the clash: for example, the Emergence Pit, releases a stream of Wretches that attack opponents en masse while the Hammer of Dawn will clear every corner of the map from any threats.

Gears POP ! Tips and tricks:

Now that you understand the basics, here are some specific tips and tricks to help you master the experience:

Energy management is fundamental

Energy management is the most important aspect. Playing pins at random whenever you have enough energy is not the best tactic. Instead, you must be thrifty and respond to your opponent's fire with pins that can counteract it. This way you will always have enough energy to choose who to play and when to play it. A suggestion that may seem trivial and instead is just the right tactic to win!

Pin skills

In addition to energy management, there are also pin skills. So start spending some time sifting through them and studying them to try and learn everything about them. How much damage do they do? How healthy are they? Are they fast? Do they target the turrets? Learn exactly what they do and then try to build the most balanced team possible.

Grenades are extremely important

In many situations, proper handling of grenades can "save your life". You can use grenades in attack, defense and even as a diversion (a little more difficult, but not impossible). What matters is to ABSOLUTELY avoid wasting them! Discover the key moments when you need to use a grenade and save them only for those.

Gain and maintain ground

The player who gains the most ground during double energy minutes usually wins.
This is because they basically control the entire playing area and can counter any kind of attack.
Basically, the more controlled covers you have, the closer you can place your units to your opponents.

There's no point in playing the game when you have the best packs

When you have won four games, you will have reached the maximum number of packs available on the main screen. At that point there is no point in playing anymore, except for pure fun. The reward parcel slots are limited to 4 and you'll have to wait some time before they can be decrypted and opened, unless you have several units of coins.

Gears POP How to get more coins

One of the first questions you may have asked yourself is "how do I get more coins?".
Well! Obviously, one of the most obvious solutions, without involving fraudulent cheat programs (probably also illegal), is by playing: through games and chests, you can obviously get coins.

To secure the richest cases, try to complete at least three victories in a row to unlock the special gold case Series of victories. If you have already obtained 1000 coins and have already joined a clan you can participate in Horde mode, along with other companions. In this mode you get crates with more coins and bigger rewards.

There is also the quickest and fastest solution, i.e. buying crystals (i.e. the game's premium currency) with real money, through which you can buy more crates and make lots of coins. If you have about ten euros to spend, it might be a good idea to start with this small expenditure and then find yourself always at an advantage in the games.

Gears POP How to get more crystals

The crystals, as we said before, are the premium currency of the game and the way to get them as quickly as possible (always without bothering various illegal cheat programs) is definitely paying real money. For a handful of euros spent you can get great benefits.

But you can also get some crystals without having to spend money, i.e. facing Versus and Horde challenges. These missions, however, can prove to be a double-edged sword: in case of victory you win coins and crystals and in case of defeat you will lose them, but you'll still be rewarded with a dozen crystals for each challenge you face, so the game is worth the candle, especially if you don't want to pay!

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