Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness NES cheats

Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness it's a video game developed and published by Capcom in 1992 for NES. This is the prequel of the more famous Gargoyle's Quest, with which it basically shares the gameplay, featuring RPG elements and other scrolling action game elements.

Gargoyle's Quest II uses a password system through which you can save your progress. The game is divided into two sections: the first is reminiscent of JRPGs, while the second is set in scrolling areas. One of the novelties introduced by the video game is the possibility for Firebrand to use the power-up called Magic Tornado. This allows our protagonist to rise vertically into the sky, thanks to a system of temporary platforms.
Firebrand can of course also rely on its own wings, which allow it to flutter in mid-air. The gargoyle can fire magical projectiles, to attack or defend against enemies. The story of the game is set in the Ghoul Realm, the realm of the ghouls, long before the human race appeared. Here Firebrand lived peacefully, until The Black Light appeared, who destroyed his home. Our hero therefore sets off on an adventure that will lead him to face evil creatures and monsters of all sorts.

69798955 - 9465549 - A Meeting With Lethe
69797945-9505559 - All Items for Final Castle
51615153-8303428 - Curse of the King's Palace
00400041-6021002 - Journey to Gibea
40504061-7202117 - Save King Barr
55645604-8344438 - Search For Soulstream
00400051-6021003 - Gibea Town
40400061-6022003 - Gibea Town
69797945-9505559 - King Breager Castle
51645273-8334428 - King Palace
51615153-8303428 - King Palace
69798955 - 9465549 - Lethe Castle
40404061-7152017 - Sidon Town
40504072-7202117 - Sidon Town
58685634 - 8304438 - Topete Village
54685223 - 8374428 - Topete Village

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