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Do you like logic games? Then you must be familiar with Candy Crush, a sweet game that tries to move around the candies, chocolates and sweets to create rows of at least three candies of the same color. Nowadays, it is one of the most known and popular games among millions of users.

At Gamerslance we want to present different games similar to Candy Crush so that you can have fun with other video games similar to this one.

What are the problems with Candy Crush?

  • The game does not respond, either it blocks often
  • Candy Crush doesn't connect well with Facebook
  • The app closes as soon as you open it

For all these reasons, at Gamerslance we wanted to find other games similar to Candy Crush that would entertain and amuse in an incredible way. Do you want to know them? Here they are!

Games similar to Candy Crush

Due to the success of Candy Crush, many users are looking for games similar to this one as their experience has been very rewarding. Here is a list of games similar to Candy Cr ush so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Jewell Mania

We start with a game very similar to Candy Crush: Jewell Mania.

The main objective of this game is to collect different jewels to obtain points and solve puzzles.

It will be impossible for you to get bored with this game since it has 600 levels! Besides, you will be able to create combos that will add you many more points.

Advantages of Jewell Mania

  • Easy to learn how it works
  • Free updates with new puzzles
  • World-class performance on all phones and tablets

Reviews by Jewell Mania [Rating of 4.5/5]

  • "I love this game. I'm having a great time." , Rosa.
  • "Super cool, I love puzzles." Ezekiel.
  • "The combos are very cool," Raquel.

Gummy Candy Blast

Gummy Candy Blast is a very sweet puzzle since you will be surrounded by all kinds of candy. The objective of this game varies depending on the difficulty level, and you can also create combos that will help you get a higher ranking!

Advantages of Gummy Candy Blast

  • Excellent design and graphics
  • Ideal game for the whole family
  • You can play with friends

Reviews by Gummy Candy Blast [Rating of 4.3/5]

  • "Much like Candy Crush, I like it." , Lorena.
  • "I love these games." Maite.
  • "Very cool and beautifully designed." , Miquel.


Dots is a very addictive puzzle game. Its goal is very simple: connect points of the same color vertically and horizontally to gain points in the shortest time possible.

Dots requires fast moves, which makes the game more exciting.

Advantages of Dots

  • Very easy to use
  • You can play without an Internet connection
  • Three modes to satisfy all types of users

Opinions of Dots [Rating of 4.8/5]

  • "Dots, a perfectly simple game" , Adria
  • "You must play! Nil.
  • "The perfect puzzle," Carmen.

Angry Birds Blast

With this game you can live a new Angry Birds puzzle adventure. These famous animals are trapped in balloons. Your mission will be to make different combinations of balloons and help these famous birds to escape.

You will be able to get multiple rewards that will make this game a great entertainment and fun show.

Advantages of Angry Birds Blast

  • More than 1000 levels
  • Daily challenges
  • Overall ratings

Reviews by Angry Birds Blast [rating of 4.8/5]

  • "Ideal for Angry Birds fans," Angel
  • "I love it, the design is great." , Biel.
  • "Very original and fun." Quim.

Toon Blast

With Toon Blast you don't have to join rows, you simply have to destroy the cubes (at least two of the same colour) by clicking on them.

The rewards vary depending on the number of cubes you destroy.

Advantages of Toon Blast

  • Fun and easy to play
  • You can receive lives from your friends
  • Option to create your own team

Reviews about Toon Blast [Rating 4.6/5]

  • "I love it, it's so much fun," Albert.
  • "Perfect for a good time." Marian.
  • "Great." , Lucas.

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