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    Game of Thrones Conquest - Useful Tips for Beginners

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    The western continent is devoured by an endless war, a conflict between the most important families destined to redraw the balance of power in the seven kingdoms. The nobles continue to clash without peace, ignoring the real threat from the north and wasting time and resources in a bloody struggle. This is the main theme of Game of Thrones: Conquest, the war: in this new title designed for iOS and Android mobile devices the player finds himself in control of one of the houses of the seven kingdoms with the sole purpose of destroying all the others and conquering power.

    Of course, as you can easily guess, the feat is far from simple and the danger is hidden around every corner: empires may fall on the battlefields, but the fate of the crown is decided also and especially in the court rooms thanks to intrigue and conspiracies. For this reason we have decided to give you some useful advice, so you will not be caught unawares and you can dominate the seven kingdoms without fear!

    1 - Sieges

    Sieges are a bit like marathons, you'll have to deal with waves of enemies sent by opponents before reaching the fortress to conquer. Fortunately, after completing each wave you'll receive a reward, so the process won't be too expensive.

    Warning: not all warriors can participate in the siege! There are some conditions indicated on the screen that must be met, so check carefully beforehand to avoid being left without men. The moment you finish the warriors the siege does not end immediately, if you wish you can return to your city to recruit more men and pick up where you left off.

    2 - Buildings

    At Game of Thrones Conquest there are several buildings, each with its own function and purpose.

    Diplomatic room: here you can create a new kingdom or join an existing domain. Increase the level of the structure to get more assistance from other lords.

    Hall of Heroes: From here you can manage all the heroes at your disposal, enlarging it you will be able to control more and more special units.

    Treasure Hall: is the place where the gold of the kingdom is kept, the size determines the amount of gold a player can accumulate.

    Timber W arehouse: is the place where the wood produced in the kingdom is stored, the size determines how much wood can be accumulated.

    Mineral W arehouse: is the place where the minerals produced in the kingdom accumulate, the size determines how many minerals can accumulate.

    Crystal Warehouse: is the deposit of crystals in the kingdom, the size determines how many crystals a player can possess.

    Drafting room: to expand your kingdom you need to explore the continent where you are. By developing it you can discover new regions on the map and send your armies to conquer them.

    School: it is the place where your subjects can study and improve their skills. Thanks to this structure, unique objects are developed that provide special abilities in battle and defensive improvements. By developing the school you can take more unique items with you and increase the basic mana at your disposal.

    Boardroom: From here you can manage all the castles in the kingdom quickly and easily. By improving the boardroom you will automatically increase the number of resources produced.

    Towers: tips and strategies

    Towers are essential in this game as they allow the player to defend himself against enemy assaults. Let's see the various types together:

    Archers Tower: cause physical damage to one unit at a time, no status alteration.

    Ice Tower: Minimal physical damage, slow down enemy movement speed and attack speed.

    Tower with giant crossbow: causes a lot of physical damage, bullets fired have a higher speed.

    Tower of Light: This tower instantly kills enemies that get too close with one shot, but it takes a long time to recharge.

    Dragon Tower: Structure with a dragon that causes huge magical damage to nearby enemies. Its only flaw is its limited range.

    Tower with trebuchet: This tower has a powerful trebuchet that can hit enemies from a great distance. Poor accuracy is compensated for by the high amount of damage.

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