Game of Thrones: Conquest Tricks and Tips for the Game

Tricks Game of Thrones: Conquest | Game of Thrones: Conquest is getting a great success in the market, fans of the franchise have let themselves be captivated by the mechanics proposed by the developers and have started the fight for supremacy. The pitfalls, however, are around every corner and for this reason we decided to give you a hand with this guide that offers some tricks to keep you calm. We will reveal the tricks of Game of Thrones: Conquest , without which you will have difficult life in the world created by George R. R. Martin and brought on mobile devices by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

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Game of Thrones: Conquest | Guide and Tricks

How do you play Game of Thrones: Conquest

Game of Thrones: Conquest is an MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy) in which you lead your household by collecting enough resources and units, forming alliances with other human players and managing the threats of your numerous rivals in the game.

As in many other city building games / basic management / MMORTS, it is not easy to learn all the mechanics in this new title. There is a lot to know about how the game works and how to proceed further once you reach a good level. In this guide we will see how to play the game Game of Thrones: Conquest and all the tricks made available to the game.

Guide Game of Thrones: Conquest

Complete missions

This is one of the first things you'll learn in GoT: Conquest and one of the first things you should keep in mind in most games of this type. The quests in this game are basic activities that you can access by viewing the bottom of the screen. Click on the Tyrion avatar to see the list of quests, from there you can manually choose the quests you want to complete and click "Go to" to be taken directly to the mission site.

Keep your farms and sawmills up to date.

Although Tyrion quests are the best way to get resources in many cases, your city should be able to produce its own food and wood from farms and sawmills. We recommend that you upgrade both buildings whenever you can.

Your troops collect food and other resources

Search for the points on the map that have the "Collect" option and select the troops you wish to send to the collection. Normally, this means collecting more food, but no matter what the resource in question, expect to bring a good haul back to the city. We recommend that you ask your troops to collect resources while you sleep; the other good thing here is that you won't lose these troops in case of an enemy attack!

How do peace shields work?

Many RTS games have an immunity period ranging from 24 to 48 hours. During this period, players cannot be attacked by opponents, so you can work on building the base and getting it up and running optimally.

In GoT: Conquest, the bad news is that you'll start with a "Peace Shield", which is the immunity period of only 8 hours. But the good news is that you can get more peace shields as you progress through the game.

Make sure you explore before you attack

Once out of your city, you will be able to see a larger map that includes all nearby houses and their cities. Your first instinct may be to attack one of these cities. But before attacking, it is imperative to send someone to explore the city. This will allow you to get information about the resources they store and the number of troops they have.

Game of Thrones: Conquest | Tricks

  • Use the Teleportation function to navigate to a safer place: The Teleportation function is available outside your city and allows you to go to a safer part of the map.
  • Focus on training the rarer troops: As you level up, you'll unlock more types of troops, and these types of troops will be progressively rarer than the common ones you started out with. You should start focusing on training the strongest and rarest ones, without wasting time with those that can't give you much in battle.
  • Check the level of the Houses: The power of a GoT House is measured by the stat you see at the top center of the screen, and you'll notice that it increases each time it wins in battle, or after completing certain missions. Always consider your own power and if you want to see an opponent's power, click on a House, then click on Lord's Details.
  • Kill AI-controlled creatures: Last but not least, the game allows you to kill AI-controlled creatures: these are mythical creatures that you should kill for additional resources and items. Click on a Creature on the world map, and you'll get some information about the beast, as well as the loot you get.

How to earn coins easily

Coins are not easy to find in GoT: Conquest. As you progress, it will become harder and harder to earn a significant amount of coins. If you don't want to wait, the game allows you to speed up your currency gain. Generally, you can get coins by completing missions that will reward you, among other things, with in-game currency.

There are also speed-ups in the game, i.e. the ability to speed up the earning of coins once they have been spent. In fact, you have to wait for the activation of these and activities to be able to earn them back, but using speed-ups speeds things up.

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