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Galaga it's a video game genre arcade fixed screen shooter developed by Namco in 1981. The video game, Galaxian's successor, was soon converted for all major platforms, including the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Galaga's music bears the signature by master Nobuyuki Ohnogi. The game mechanics of this shooter are largely inherited from its predecessor: there is therefore the typical ship that can only move left or right. In addition to that, the spaceship can shoot the classic insect-shaped aliens, who have every intention of invading planet Earth.
In Galaga there are three types of enemies: hitting them will get different scores depending on whether they are in formation or in attack.

- Blue enemies give 50 points in formation and 100 if they attack.
- Red enemies give 80 points in formation and 160 if they attack.
- The bosses instead give 150 points in formation and an attack score that depends on the escort they have behind:
- Alone - 400 points
- With an escort ship - 800
- With two escort ships - 1600

Usually bonus lives are earned upon reaching 20.000 points, 70.000 points and each time another 70.000 points are reached.

If you have two ships when you get to a bonus stage, don't move. Just shoot as quickly as possible. This way you are very likely to hit every single alien on the screen.

There are green enemies that are larger in size than other enemies. When you fire the first shot they turn blue. Every now and then they also fire an energy wave that sucks you in. Let them do it. When you are given another ship, shoot the enemy who is holding the first one hostage. Obviously be careful not to hit your spaceship. If you destroy the enemy but not your old spaceship, it will join you, giving you double the firepower.

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