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Gaiares is a scrolling shooter video game developed for Sega Mega Drive da Telenet Japan and published for the 16-bit console by renovation in 1990.

The name of this video game it combines the terms Gaia (Mother Earth) and a shortened version of the word “rescue”, which is the goal of the game. If almost all scrolling shooters require the player's spaceship to make contact with pods to get bonuses, the gameplay of Gaiares is different and is characterized by a decidedly original power-ups system.
The weapons in total are 18 e such weapons are obtained by shooting enemies: When the beam hits them, it sort of steals the enemy's technologies and transfers them to our spaceship. These weapons have different appearances and different powers from each other. Set in the year 3.000, Gaiares sees the Earth as a landfill used by a careless human race. The space pirates Gulfer, led by the evil Queen ZZ Badnusty, want to collect the waste on the planet to create weapons of mass destruction. It is up to us now to try to stop them.

During the game pause, then press and hold LEFT, A and C, then press START. You will be invincible for the duration of the current level.

First, access the options menu using the appropriate code. Once in the options menu, select BGM # 18. Press and hold A on controller 2 and exit the options menu. Once back at the title screen, press START and you will be able to choose the stage to start from.

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