Frostpunk Console Edition – Review

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Frost Punk after 1 year from the release on PC finally comes up too consul. This title combined the best elements of the survival e city building in one of the more strategy games catchy e details of the latest videogame generation.

But they will have managed to transpose the title into a good porting on console? Find out with us in this one review.

The devastation of humanity

Frost Punk lays its foundations in a background with a typical setting european steampunk, in which i climate changes towards the end of the 1800s they brought the entire planet to freezing and with it the whole of humanity.

The people left alive will have to look for the few remaining resources to survive, as they try to build thelast city on Earth thanks to ours guide in the role of leader.

It is not a story happy o overflowing with hope since the latter will be particularly difficult to keep high; but it is certainly a story that communicates effectively difficulties that await us to survive: some decisions, controversial or not, will have repercussions on citizen morality.

The story is told through animations that help set a tone deciso e gloomy all'atmosphere. Lo minimal art style of the frozen world will perfectly marry the steampunk aesthetic adopted for civilization, so as to make it seem even more "viva”The city, unlike the planet desolate that its citizens inhabit.

A management software outside the box

The real protagonist of the game, however, will be the gameplay, in which Frostpunk will shine by own light, mixing various management systems in something that may be similar to "Tropico" but in a key completely different.

In this case, in fact, we'll have to take some decisions for all that remains ofhumanity, in the middle of a land sorry e frozen, where even breathing could risk get sick. The hope and discontent they will be i our parameters reference, which will rise and decrease according to our decisions management.

As leader oflast city on Earth, we will have the fundamental task of directing the workers to collect resources and carry on the community. Indeed the workers will be fundamental part of the game, as they will have to work at temperatures more icy to bring carbon, steel e wood to support the city.

It will be up to you to provide them with a shelter and thermal conditions enough for them to work without risking die at every step.

Frostpunk will limit the number of initial resources, forcing you to progress thanks to the workshop, where you can make upgrade to the machinery of extraction e collection an implementation new technologies.

All projects key of Frostpunk there will in fact be the resource management reduced and workers, since we will often find ourselves having them too few for our needs and the numerous workstations empty.

The cycle will make it even more complicated day / night, citizens will only work in the morning, allowing them to rest overnight to be in strength the following day.

However, this can be manipulated thanks to some controversial laws which will allow the extension shifts or even an implementation of shifts 24h emergency.

Obviously the latter will increase the discontent, we therefore recommend do not abuse it, as some workers could fall in death for fatigue.

Of course, these workers will be humans with gods needs, then the resources we collect will be used to maintain them alive, be it for one tent with livable temperatures, cooked food or delle cycle.

Many choices to make

In addition to managing the workers, rations and other resources, it will be necessary to apply political decisions, as no civilization can remain in thetotal anarchy. As the leader of the city we will be forced to make decisions difficult, and these can change the moral of the city.

It will be possible to choose them from the "book of laws“, A tree of various choices they will have different repercursions.

We will often find ourselves having moral choices that they will have consequences a long term. For example: we will be able to save food supplies by replacing the full meals with the soup, which will bring discontent every time it will be consumed or we can force the children to work.

The moral choices will be aunt and it will be difficult to choose the best thing for everyone, but without upset drastically the city.

They will also add to the possibilities of creating discontent people's requests: at each game there will be a chance to run into these events. If satisfied they will improve the state e happiness of the city, otherwise they will go to make them worse, but it will not always be possible to satisfy them without consequences.

Every game will need choices ethical-moral they will have different results. For example, if one of the minors will die during the work we will end up with one downcast mother and therefore the statistics will change in negative.
It is these choices difficult ma stimonati, together with one solid system management survival-citybuilding, what will distinguish Frostpunk from others management games.

In short words

Although the desolation and despair within Frostpunk will be palpabili, they will not go to weigh down the game. The gameplay will turn out only of its kind e various, mixing everything also to a system of exploration well done.

History will turn out compelling e long-lived, e can go on in various ways according to player choices, making no sense of repetitiveness.

Everything is transmitted through a exceptional graphic sector which makes everything even more beautiful.
But the ethical questions that Frostpunk raises, forcing the player to balance needs of people and survival of the city without sacrificing your own humanity, they remain part of it more fascinating.

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