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PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds(PUBG) is Blueholes island survival MMO, released in December for PC, Xbox, Android and iOS and now in its mobile version.


Rating: NOTE
Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Android, IOS
Gender: Batlle Royale
Players: Online multiplayer
Launch date: 20 December 2017

Official PUBG+ game trailer

We can say that PUBG has broken all records seen on platforms like Twitch and in number of players connected. The mechanics are very simple. We have to survive on a map with 99 other players until there is only one left. Along the way we will not only have to face other users in fierce battles, but also gather ammunition, better weapons and clothing to ensure our survival.

Below is the official PUBG trailer to show you what the game is all about.


The result is games in which the most astute and patient player ends up winning. Do not underestimate the use of remote weapons, grenades or the sense of concealment. Anything goes when it comes to being a champion and winning.

Here we show you a series of images to familiarize you with how to play this game:

Tricks to get BP coins in PUGB

The resource that we will use the most in the PUGB game is the BP coins, this resource is very important to build your combat strategy and adapt with the best weaponry and upgrades in the store to face your enemies and come out victorious from the battle arena. We here will provide you with a number of legal ways we have found to get BP coins for this game:

  • The more deaths you get, the more PB coins you accumulate
  • Be on the lookout at the beginning of the games to get PB coins
  • With the Gums Up platform you can obtain BP coins very easily and free of charge
  • By opening the game boxes you can get BP coins

Free PUGB resource generator

You can find multiple resource generators for almost any game on the market, these generators that are on the Internet will provide you with infinite resources for the game you want for free. We recommend the generator that helps us the most and with total reliability so you can get the resources you need to play with total peace of mind.

Tutorial to get BP coins in PUGB

You can find a lot of interesting information about how to get resources for any game you want, the information that is easier to understand for players is through videos from YouTube or any other platform. Below we will provide you with a video that we think may be of interest to help you get BP coins for PUGB in a totally legal way.

What are BP coins for

In PUGB the BP coins have a very important functionality and will help you to achieve your goals in the game and enjoy the PUGB experience more. Here we show you the main benefits we have found:

  • Buy Skills for the game
  • Improve your player’s skills
  • Buy Boxes
  • Improve weapons and vehicles

Basic guide to playing PUGB

The PUGB game is relatively simple, you must eliminate your enemies and be the last man standing, however it is very important to use the right strategy to succeed in this game. Below is a video that will serve as a basic guide to begin to better understand this game.

PUGB Analysis

The PUGB game will give you an incredible experience that is far more realistic than similar Batlle Royale games. Now that you’ve got your main idea of the game let’s proceed to an analysis of the main advantages and disadvantages we’ve found in this game:


  • Very fast and dynamic games
  • Very complete and original gameplay
  • Can be played on multiple devices


  • Graphics that can be significantly improved
  • Many Bots during the game
  • Limited storage permits

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