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The continuation of the episodic game will feature new open scenarios and environments to explore. According to the developer, the game aims to give players the freedom to plan the ultimate assassination by using a variety of tools, weapons, disguises and different stealth techniques to activate their own chain of events. The action invites us to a global adventure through a mix of bustling international locations, including a level in Miami with the colorful atmosphere of a car race, providing a new setting for the series.


The adventure created by IO Interactive will take Agent 47 on a tour of Colombia, India, the North Sea, New Zealand and North America.


IO Interactive ensures that when our killer discovers his true past in Hitman 2, nothing will ever be the same again. A part of the story that will be unveiled on November 13th with a version for PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. If you are not familiar with Hitman, this is a saga that allows players to take on the role of a masterclass killer.

Throughout the story we will hunt for Cliente SombrÃo as we travel around the world to different locations, including Miami to run one of the most complete races. Hitman 2 is determined to surprise players with a complete story, a huge world and new playable elements that will make the game experience better than ever. All those players who decide to buy the Collector’s Edition or the Gold Edition will have four days to play.


HITMAN will resume its adventures with a direct sequel to the 2016 game. The story will take us to much bigger and more detailed places, where we will get to know all kinds of modes, elements and new options that have not been seen before in any game of the franchise. One of the most eye-catching is the Sniper Assassin mode. This mode is now available with advance access to all those who reserve any edition of HITMAN 2 and can be played alone or in cooperative mode.


The tools you have at your disposal, such as mobile explosives, proximity tasers, shock grenades or even mirrors.


The launch of HITMAN 2 is just a few days away, and fans of the franchise are wondering if there are any features of HITMAN 2 CROSS PLATFORM PLAY that have been implemented. There has been no confirmation from IO Interactive on this front yet, but can you expect to play alongside your peers, even if they all use different systems?

Crossplatform gameplay allows players to play in cooperation with their friends, even if they have different systems to play. For example, two friends can have an Xbox One and a PS4. In the past, you wouldn’t be able to play together because you had different consoles. Recently, however, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have implemented a cross-platform feature that allows players to play together on different platforms.


From the racing circuit in sunny Miami, through the jungles of Colombia, to the slums of Mumbai, to the suburbs of a quiet American city and ending up on a remote island. The variation in the environment ensures that you can quietly kill several times through the levels before making a trip to another location.


In about seven hours you will play (on professional difficulty) through the available levels (with the rank of Silent Killer, of course), after which you will be able to complete the challenges for your convenience. These give you access to useful (and cold) items, which you can use again. And since you don’t have a single level to polish, you’ll be stuck with it for dozens of hours.


To go even deeper into the challenges: they are present again, just like in the previous Hitman. The ultimate goal remains, of course, the same in every mission: To put the target (or more) to be seen without, to hide the body and preferably also to wear only the standard suit with red tie. Silent killer, just suit.


Before taking on this challenge, it is important that you know a level in depth and that you have all the tools at your disposal. That’s why IO has expanded the Missions of History a bit, so you can see more aspects of a level. With a story like this, you end up with a goal, with a certain disguise and in a place where no one will bother you. It’s up to you to gradually reduce the number of disguises so that you can finally do everything in your Agent 47 costume!


On the one hand it’s great to be taken by the hand as a player (after all, Suit Only is a task), but in our opinion, IO is a bit of a success when it comes to challenges. Completing the challenges gives you points, which then give you access to items such as lock picks, poison or a silent sniper rifle. Cool, but a challenge like throwing 47 bodies in the water for which you get 4,000 points (which is really a lot), is at the expense of the whole HITMAN idea. It’s just an isolated massacre, but someone who always has the purpose of a silent killer in mind won’t be very happy with it.



If you want to know exactly how the mode works, check out our HITMAN 2 Ghost mode preview for all the details, but if you’re already an expert at killing, read on for some tips on HITMAN 2 Ghost mode.

Familiarize yourself with the map in single player mode

Before doing anything in Ghost Mode, you should know that winning is all about knowing the map. Learn it by heart! with all its routes, shortcuts, and – if you really want to push it – AI patrol routes, and you’re halfway to winning the game. This is especially true for the Miami map, since with all its underground tunnels, stairs, walkways and walled areas, it’s easy to get lost.


2. Be patient and plan ahead

Patience is a virtue. On your way to your target, pick up items that can be easily hidden from the Ghost Crates (like the wrench, folding knife, or hypodermic syringe), or tear them down from the security guards you’ve knocked down. Those items won’t be seen by any security guards, making it easier for you to move between areas and kill quickly and efficiently. You’ll need to have some distracting items on hand to draw the attention of security guards or errant civilians, as killing anyone who isn’t your target will lose you a point.


3. Costumes are your best weapon

The first thing on your to-do list should be to find someone whose clothes you can steal, particularly those that will allow them to get to almost anywhere on the map without arousing suspicion. So watch out for security guards, bodyguards, officials, anyone in authority who may or may not have gotten in over their heads. Getting your equipment means that if you want to eliminate your target up close, you will have no problem reaching them and they will probably go unnoticed for longer, as they can make a quick escape if you are properly disguised.

4. Watch your enemy

Knowing your enemy is proven advice that definitely applies to Ghost Mode. Enemies can give you some hints about what they just did, or how they are handling the problem if you are a little stuck. So you might see them lining up to a Ghost Box you haven’t seen yet, or they might come close to killing a nearby target you hadn’t thought of and that you can use for your next mark.


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