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The videogames currently come in all shapes and sizes, especially today when all conventional schemes have been broken. Horror games are no longer all about jumping fear, indie projects can sometimes have so much content in their name that they surpass AAA titles, and the list goes on... That said, the puzzle games or platforms still seem to frighten some people with their promises of brain-melting challenges. While there are some who scratch their heads out there, at Gums Up we have a selection of must-try games to try out!


Whether for their intriguing premise, underlining the narrative or simply how impressive the whole thing seems, these particular puzzles are certainly worth your time! Point and click games usually follow the same game designs while always trying to stand out from the rest in one way or another - these games defy the laws of physics!


Is there another genre that fits the mobile game as well as the puzzle? We don't think so. The Google Play Store is full of brilliant puzzle games, and there's a surprising variety of them. Some ask you to match things, others solve puzzles, while others bring tactile puzzles from physics. This list is our top 5. Every game here will tickle your gray matter and keep you absorbed for weeks.


2: Like the original, Monument Valley distorts reality and attacks your eyes with landscapes from another world. Rarely has such boldly experimental success been felt.

2. GOROGOA: A unique puzzle masterpiece, Gorogoa combines a clever makeover mechanic with a beautiful storybook art style. It's quite wonderful.

3. PRUNE: Puzzles tend to be functional and directed to logical centers rather than seeking any kind of emotional response. Prune turns the genre around with its beautiful and painful adult game.

4. THE ROOM: OLD WITHOUT: Even with four entries, the intricate puzzles in The Room series continue to captivate. When it's as perfectly executed as this one, we could happily take several more.

5.THREES: Put the numbers together to make bigger numbers, in a claustrophobic grid. Forget all the clones and reproduce the original, it's better in every way.


Our free Android brain-breaking games, logic tests... 1. CUBWAY: One of the most abstract games you can install on your Android device, Cubway consists of more than 50 minimum scenes that you run through like a small red square. As it travels, a kind of story is revealed, though the text reads like a strange self-help guide. Otherwise, Cubway is a success - it's intuitive, the mechanics are fresh and intelligent, and the aesthetics are immovably atmospheric. 2. OUTFOLDED: One of the quietest and most forgiving puzzle games you've ever played, Outfolded also manages to do something interesting with a minimum of block environments and geometric structures. 3. RED: A puzzle game that challenges you to make the screen red, though given the intentionally obtuse nature of many of the 50 challenges, you may be the one to become crimson after a few hours of dealing with some of the most twisted puzzles. 4. ORBIT: Although games are played, few of them are about the game itself, in the sense of experimenting with a setup or situation and seeing what happens. Orbit, however, although presented as a puzzle game, is rather a minimalist sandbox in which you immerse yourself in the pleasures of creating tiny solar systems... Beautiful and fascinating. 5. KERFLUX: A crunchy chip-tune is reproduced and presented with three waveforms. The music is turned off, as if you were underwater, and that's your signal to start manipulating two of the waveforms to combine and form the third. Kerflux surprises with a simple and original concept that runs perfectly.


Puzzle games have challenged humans for centuries, which is much longer than we have iPhone and iPad! The first tablets on which puzzles were played were the real tablets. Tablets made of stone, of course! For modern puzzle players, few resources are as prepared, willing and able to challenge the problem-solving side of our brain as our iOS devices.


With the wide selection of puzzle games to choose from on the App Store, it's sometimes hard not to feel paralyzed by the choice. Whether you're new to iPhone or looking for a jewel you missed, here are 5 puzzle games you'll want to try out next on your iPhone or iPad. We have to mention, although it is not in our ranking, the logic game Cute the Rope. In the early days of the App Store, when everyone was trying to double the success of Angry Birds with mediocre clones, developer ZeptoLab went in a different direction. Instead of trying to make the next Angry Birds, they wanted to make the next hit puzzle game and logic. And it worked. CUT THE ROPE is now as popular as it is fun. 1. MONUMENT VALLEY 1 AND 2: Monument Valley is a wonder, as it tells a compelling narrative story without words, using only gameplay to reveal its story. Perhaps that's why he's taken home such prestigious awards as the BAFTA Award for Mobile & Handheld Games, the Apple Design Award and the IMGA Grand Prix prize. 2. THE ROOM: The gamers who grew up with Myst are going to want to pay a lot of attention to this one. The Room is a series of tasks for players with exploration boxes that can only be opened by looking for switches, levers and hidden mechanisms controlled by intricate puzzles. 3. PRUNE: Prune is a game about how to help the branches of the trees find their way into the sunlight so that they can bloom as nature wishes. To make this happen, carefully cut the new branches that grow in the wrong direction, directing your tree around different obstacles so that it can finally see the sun. A puzzle game and a bonsai tree. Very zen. 4. LARA CROFT GO: We're used to seeing Lara in action mode, but this charming puzzle focuses on the quest that her archaeology work also demands. Lara will face everything from snakes, spiders and nails to solving the mystery of the Poison Queen. Not only is the puzzle design excellent, but also the sound design and art direction. 5. I LOVE HUE: Special and detailed, it has a very simple premise: choose a puzzle and sort the blocks by color and hue. There is a satisfactory point in sorting things by color. This may not be the case for everyone.


These are our our top picks among all the iPhone free puzzle games:
  • ENDING: A turn-based combat game on how to get to the end.
  • CUBWAY: Guide the cube through a long road full of dangers and difficulties, visit many interesting and mysterious places. The mechanics of the game focuses on different types of interaction with obstacles. Some of them are: finding the right place to overcome obstacles, blowing, the right moment of your movement, avoiding dangers, changing the directions of your movement by the switches and many more.
  • THREES: A very simple game accessible to all skill levels, Tres! was so good that it inspired countless imitators just a few weeks after its release in 2014, and it's a shame because such a good game should be shouted from the rooftops.
  • MECHBOX: This Mechanical Box is a device created with a single purpose: to always protect what's inside, no matter what it costs. Each layer of protection is a new and unique puzzle. Tester's task is to try to hack it and override the box's security system by finding the secret switches, cracking the passwords and solving the hallucinatory puzzles.
  • FROSTFIRE: An abstract match-3 puzzle game that combines new and familiar mechanisms to create a deeper game. Each new game is played on a randomly generated hexagonal board, making the game less repeatable and sometimes more difficult.


When it comes to puzzle games, we're often used to seeing mobile or computer games like Snake, Tetris, Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Candy Crush Saga. But over the years, video game consoles like PS4 have taken puzzle games to the next level with Full HD effects and complex designs.


Here we have created a list of the top 5 puzzle games for PS4: 1. LIMBO: The closest visual comparison is the cinema of the 1920s. The game starts with LIMBO scribbled on the screen with a white light source that shakes enough to make it look like it was fired from a projector. But Limbo is more than exceptional aesthetics. The game is a series of immensely clever and complicated puzzles designed around the tiniest game controls. You get nothing beyond the basics. No clues, no inventory. You have a couple of buttons and your wit, and then they send you home. 2. THE WITNESS: Little by little you accumulate knowledge and rules, allowing you to progress as if you were a genius, when in fact the game is always telling you what you need to know. It's brilliant. And 'standard' puzzles, if you can call them that, are just the beginning. It's hard to believe it's 16. 3. HITMAN GO: DEFINITIVE EDITION: A port of the successful mobile game, you have far fewer expectations. It is a game limited in scope by its original platform, but that manages to excel with simple ideas and excellent execution. Presented as a board game, though similar to a more deadly version of Subbuteo, Hitman Go is a series of closed areas in which Agent 47 and his enemies move around a grid. 4. INSIDE: Hunted and alone, a child is dragged into the center of a dark project. The second game from the developer of Limbo Playdead. Masterfully designed and set around a dark and mysterious installation, it's a great game but doesn't reach the LIMBO level. The color palette in INSIDE reminds us more of Sin City. 5. FEZ: The game starts with G贸mez, a 2D creature on a voyage of discovery into a mysterious third dimension. Players must change their perspective and look at the world in a different way in order to progress in the game. Intelligent mechanics of 2D rotation game. We would leave games worthy of mention as The Talos Principle; Unravel; The Swapper; Valiant Hearts: The Great War ; The Guardian or LARA CROFT: GO, which follows the pattern of HITMAN GO.


Among the great puzzle games for Xbox, we have to deatacar these two:
  • VALIANT HEARTS:THE GREAT WAR: A war game in which no one is killed. Your character simply travels through battlefields, trenches and other places. Meet other characters and solve puzzles along the way. This is quite refreshing because most modern war titles always have a character carrying weapons.
  • BROTHERS:A TALE OF TWO SONS: An innovative control scheme. The game controls work by controlling two different characters simultaneously with the two analog thumbs on each character's controller. A unique feature that creates a fun way to interact with the game that makes it a memorable experience.


We have this ranking with the 5 best puzzle games for Xbox: 1. LIMBO: Artistic and addictive. Master piece. 2. HUMAN: FALL FLAT: The playable character in this game moves like a jelly ball learning to walk for the first time, making some silly animations and absurd moves. The animations and interactions are too animated and caricaturesque, which can lead to some hilarious consequences. It is a very funny game, something unusual in a puzzle game. 3. THOMAS WAS ALONE: For what is a fairly simplistic looking game, Thomas Was Alone offers a really accomplished story that really gets the player to worry about what are basically squares and rectangles. A great soundtrack. 4. SPELUNKY: Provides an interesting challenge by relying heavily on the progress of your skills. Spelunky gives the player everything they need to succeed from the start, so only when players' skills improve will they be able to advance. 5. THE WITNESS: An uninhabited island, full of stone statues and disparate environments. everything about this game leads you to exploration, even graphics. They are very vibrant, invoking in you a sense of wonder. Colours are also used to contrast environments and make them stand out.


PORTAL 1 & 2: A lot of ink has already been spilled on these two Valve classics. Both have been presented as examples of games such as art, fun writing and design innovation.


There are an infinite number of Xbox One puzzle games today, such as RIME; Limbo; The Witness; Unravel; Inside; Q.U.B.E; Valiant Hearts; PNEUMA:Breath of Life; The Swapper; Thomas Was Alone; Brothers: A tale of two sons; The Turing Test; Human: Fall Flat; Never Alone; Gorogoa... Fun without limits!


Puzzle games are one of those genres in which the PC sometimes shines less than on other platforms. When it comes to thinking about genre classics, you quickly discover that you need to think about the Nintendo DS, some of the classic consoles of the 1980s and, of course, the modern homes of puzzle games, iOS and Android. So when you make a list of PCs, you leave out names like Mr Driller, Meteos, Flow Free, Picross 3D; Slither.ios; all Layton games, the Mario Vs Donkey Kong portable series or Echochrome. And yet, there's still a lot of glory to be found. So put Dr. Mario's prescription aside and enjoy some of the best enigmatic experiences you can find...


Who doesn't like a good puzzle? The feeling of breaking a real puzzle is an unbeatable dose of endorphin. Demonstrating that you are as diabolically brilliant as the evil genius who made your favorite puzzle game is as big a reward as any achievement in the game. 1. PORTAL 1 & 2: Both games are so good that it would be impossible to choose just one to include in this list. The premise of the games of using portals to traverse increasingly elaborate rooms demands a brainless spatial logic in their final levels. The marked history of power and capitalism helps to elevate an already excellent concept to the realm of perfection. 2. GRIS: An outstanding work of pure art in the world of video games. Its playability, however simple it may be, is nothing more than a vessel for a strong and emotional message carried out by an exceptional visual and sound direction. Nomada Studio's first title is touching, delicate and elegant: a true jewel in the landscape of independent video games. Gris is a hopeful young woman, lost in her own world, who lives a painful experience in her life. Her journey through grief is manifested in her dress, which gives her new skills to better navigate her bleached reality. 3. THE TALOS PRINCIPLE: Another good example of how to combine narrative and puzzles, The Talos Principle is one of the most brain games out there. It's a game for people who think, one for players who want to have their game with a lot of philosophy help. 4. THE WITNESS: A single-player game in an open world with dozens of places to explore and over 500 puzzles to solve. This game respects you as a smart player and treats your time as if it were precious. There is no filler; each of these puzzles brings its own new idea to the mix. 5. UNRAVEL: A platform-puzzle video game that focuses on the character Yarny, who is literally a creature made of thread that traverses the environment riddled with dangers, puzzles and obstacles. Yarny is able to use the thread of the body of the blows to create swings, bridges and provide the use to solve the puzzles that the game introduces. The game was very well received and was even compared to Limbo, in 2016 when it was released, for its stylistic quality and creation.


These are some of the free puzzle games to play on your PC:


Downloading puzzle games for kids for Pc is something hard to find and, moreover, it is 100% reliable and safe. Gums Up is a young and dynamic application to download free games in an easy and fun way to download free games. How does it work? You need to download the app and register, and you can start gumming to benefit from all the advantages of being a member, such as downloading your favorite games for free. This is our ranking of puzzle games for kids, suitable for parents!
  • WORLD OF GOO: A physics-based construction and puzzle game. The millions of Goo Balls who live in the fantastic world of Goo don't know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious. The mix of ingenious puzzles based on physics and the ingenious and colorful presentation of World of Goo make it a game that almost everyone should have, not just the kids!
  • LEGO CREATOR ISLANDS: Your mission is to build and create a main island for the Miniature Creator of LEGO to live on. When you're ready to build even bigger things, continue to the islands around you, but remember to keep an eye on the main island, sometimes it's necessary to rebuild it! Each time you build a new model, you'll earn yellow bricks that unlock the funniest and coolest LEGO Creator models you can use throughout the game.
  • TERRARIA: An incredibly charming game, which absorbed us from the very first moment. With great pixel art, endearing music and many retro aspects, Terraria will occupy me for years to come. This idea is still fresh and I'm glad there are children (and adults) who haven't grown tired just because of the recent success of MINECRAFT.
  • STAR WARS:PUZZLE DROIDS: Explore the galaxy with your favorite droids to experience the Star Wars saga like never before in a new match-3 adventure. Take advantage of BB-8 and R2-D2 plus memories for an epic account of the Star Wars saga from its unique perspective. Experience the stories of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • TRINE 2: An action, puzzle and platform game in which you play as one of the Three Heroes who make their way through incalculable dangers in a fantastic fairy tale world. An absolute beauty, continuing from the story of Trine, this wonderful game takes you through the fantasy world with dragons, goblins and witches - your children will fall in love with this game!


If you want to download puzzle games to play for free on your PC, with Gums Up you just have to follow some fun and easy steps to start winning Gums! For example, participating in the community, recommending and commenting on social networks, participating in advertising campaigns such as surveys, downloading trial apps, and other actions that will allow you to get the Gums you need to download for free those games that are usually paid, free games for mobile online both off-ine. You still do not have it? Download now the application to download free games for both Android and iOS!

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