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    Nintendo 3DS is one of the best game systems developed by Nintendo. It has features that allow you to play even Nintendo 2DS, and XL games on it. Now, Macs are not known for their gaming capabilities. But what if we told you that you could play Nintendo 3DS games on your Mac? Combined, Nintendo’s 3D graphics and Mac’s retinal screen make for great gameplay.


    In addition, we found a fast and stable emulator to enjoy the best titles Nintendo has developed for its portable game console.

    The list of games that can be played with that program is long, but as it is evident you won’t find them in the program but you will have to resort to different websites to be able to download them: Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, the brilliant Super Mario 3D Land, Pokémon X/Y or Sonic Generations are some of them.

    The emulator for Mac OS X Citra allows us to play the games of the 3DS console in desktop environments and in full HD quality. To begin with, this is a project that has not yet reached the level of compatibility and accuracy of Dolphin (the emu that specializes in Wii), but it works quite well and is constantly being improved. The success of this type of software means that the developers and those responsible for them do not stop working to improve their product.


    So today we can use Citra 3DS to enjoy many of the most popular games on the 3DS from the PC emulator itself. One of the biggest advantages that this software offers is that it is not under the limitations of the original 3DS hardware, so we will be able to run these games at a much higher resolution in Citra than we could on the console.

    • At the same time we can perform some graphic and appearance adjustments to remove the black jagged lines in Pokémon Sun / Moon, for example, to gain in graphic experience.
    • Citra 3DS is a Mac emulator that you can download for free from Gums Up, where we can download premium or pro software, drivers and programs in an easy, fun and reliable way.
    • On the other hand, we can also use the Bleeding Edge versions of Citra, which are the same compilations as nightly but with additional features.


    In Citra, the best and most advanced 3DS emulator, it is necessary to use decoded backups, so we need a Nintendo 3DS system (with CFW) and the game to make them. We can make use of our 3DS games on Citra by extracting them from our original cards using the GodMode9 software, for example, or with the Decrypt9WIP program.

    1. We create in the SD of the console the following directories: SD:files9D9Game
    2. We install Decrypt9WIPand we run it through the Homebrew Launcher.
    3. If we are going to make a backup of an installed title, we go to Content Decryptor Options > SD File Options > SD CXI Dumper (SysNAND dir) for titles installed in the sysNAND, if the title is installed in the emuNAND, we choose SD CXI Dumper (EmuNAND dir).
    4. If we are going to backup a title in cartridge, we insert the cartridge and go to Gamecart Dumper Options > Dump & Decrypt Cart (trim).
    5. Now we select the Title ID of our game according to this website by pressing the crosshead, once selected press A to start the copy process.
    6. Once the process is finished, we will have the title decrypted to use with Citra in the folder SD:files9D9Game of the SD of the console.

    Then, to open these 3DS games on Citra once they have been downloaded, click on the file in question and click on ‘Open’.

    Also, if you decide to use this emulator for Mac on a regular basis, we recommend that you customize the software configuration options in a similar way to other emulators. This way we can adjust parameters such as audio, graphic system, keys to enjoy the games, etc.


    Citra is perhaps the only Nintendo 3DS emulator that currently works for Mac OS X. It allows you to play any homebrew or decoded 3DS ROM and games on your Mac system.

    • Once downloaded, you will need ROMs or games to play on this emulator. You can transfer the games from your Nintendo 3DS XL, or a simple Google search of 3ds decrypted ROMs will give you a lot of games for your Citra emulator.
    • Installing the Citra emulator for Mac OS X is quite simple. Once you have downloaded it, the dmg file from the link above. Simply double click on it to open it. It will now display a folder image.
    • Here, simply control+click on the icon, and select the open option, from the drop down menu.
    • Now click the Continue button to proceed to the next step, choosing which version you want to keep.
    • Enjoy your split screen and full screen 3D gameplay on your Mac device!


    The latest version of the 3DS Mac emitter, Citra has a number of exceptional features and benefits, such as dual screens, and the emulator can run several different display modes adapted to each game. We can view one or both screens at the same time and switch between them with a key, although the best system is to use the upper screen in full screen mode and leave the lower screen in its small original resolution in one corner in case you need it. Touch control is done through the mouse by clicking directly on the screen. Plus:

    • SELF-SUFFICIENT: With this 3DS emulator, you can play, pause and reload the game if you need a break.
    • TEXTURE FORWARDING: Finally render games at HD resolutions, at any resolution, and run much faster.
    • REALISTIC EXPERIENCE: This 3DS emulator will give you an aliasing filter that means the game looks realistic.
    • TELEMETRY: A framework for informing your server about how to use Citra, and use that data to find out what games and hardware configurations are most popular, and also to solve problems.
    • HLE AUDIO: Preliminary audio support for the high level emulator (no more deafening silence on many titles).


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