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Mobile Legends is an online multiplayer sandbox game designed for smartphones. In this game the two opposing teams fight to reach and destroy the enemy base while defending their own base for control of a path. The Mobile Legends game will allow you to live an incredible adventure where you will have to cooperate with your teammates to defeat the other teams.

Available: IOS, Android
Gender: Batlle Royale
Players: Online multiplayer
Launch date: 11 July 2016


Mobile Legends Trailer + Game Pictures

On each Mobile Legends team, there are five players who control an avatar, known as a “hero,” from their own device. The weaker computer-controlled characters, called “minions”, appear at the team bases and follow the three lanes to the opposing team base, fighting enemies and torrecillas€.

Here is the official Mobile Legends trailer to give you an idea of what the game is all about.

Mobile Legends is a game of great interaction between players that will allow you to enjoy great battles with your friends. In this game, both offensive and defensive strategies are important to create a great team of champions.

Here we show you a series of images so you can see the main idea of how this game is played:

Tricks to get free Gems for Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends the main resource we will use is the Gems, in this game the Gems have a fundamental role and here we will show you a series of ways to get Gems for Mobile Legends for free:

  • Completing missions
  • Frequently logging in
  • Get prizes in the game’s roulette
  • By playing on the weekend you will get gems
  • Use the Gums Up platform to obtain Gems


Free resource generator for Mobile Legends

There are many resource generators that you can use to get resources for almost any game, however many of these generators do not provide a quality service and players rarely get the resources. We recommend a very reliable generator that will allow you to get resources for Mobile Legends easily, quickly and for free.


Tutorial to get Gems in Mobile Legends

On the internet you can find many useful videos that will provide you with information regarding how to obtain resources for any game. Here we provide you with a tutorial on how to get Gems for this game legally.

What can you use the Gems in Mobile Legends for?

In Mobile Legends, the Gems resource has a basic function when it comes to having a good experience in the game. Without resources, it is really difficult to achieve your goals in this game. The main utilities of the Gems are:

  • Get characters and different appearances
  • Buy special items
  • Get packs


Basic guide to start playing Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a game that has a number of rules and aspects to consider before you start playing. Here we will provide you with a basic guide to start playing Mobile Legends.


Mobile Legends Review

The Mobile Legends game will provide you with a unique experience of interacting with your friends while fighting another team of players. Now that you have some main information about how this game works, let’s proceed with a review of the main advantages and disadvantages that we have observed in Mobile Legends.


  • Very fluid interaction between players
  • Very creative graphics
  • Few penalties for losing a game


  • Possible game lag
  • Damage from some players too high
  • Constant game updates


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Frequently asked questions and answers

How to get free diamonds in Legend Mobile?

This is the most viable way to get diamonds at no cost from Mobile Legends. Lucky Spin: In the "Raffle" section of the store you can participate in the Lucky Spin, which earns you skins, but more importantly, Lucky Gem fragments that you can use to trade in a skin or hero from the Lucky Shop, which is a good way to save diamonds.

How do I get the diamonds in the moving legends?

Click here to get started.enter your Mobile Legend User the amount of diamonds you want to the payment method that suits you on the "Purchase Now" button to complete the transaction.

How can I get free heroes on ML?

Acquire Mobile Legends Heroes using BattlePoints. ... Acquire strong ML heroes using BattlePoints. ... Try your luck and just turn. ... Don't forget your hero shards. ... Finally, take part in events and contests! january seven, two thousand and twenty

Can we hack mobile legends?

If you are caught using hacks in Mobile Legends, your account may be completely terminated, meaning that any progress you have made will be permanently deleted. ... Another aspect of Mobile Legends hacks is unrelated to the game, and focuses purely on the security of your account.

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