Free Fire: Winter Festival is the latest survival shooting game available for Android and iOS developed by 111dots studio and released on December 11, 2019. Each 10-minute game will put you on a remote island with 49 other players looking to survive.

Available: Android, iOS
Gender: Survival
Players: Online multiplayer
Launch date: 11 December 2019



Free Fire Trailer + Game Images

The gameplay and plot of this game is very similar to the previous free fire games. The players can freely choose their starting point and use their parachute and try to stay in the safe zone as long as possible. You can drive vehicles to explore the map, create strategies to hide or use objects to camouflage in the grass. Below is the official trailer for the game so that you can start to understand its storyline:

You’ll have to find weapons and resources and get to be the last one standing in the game. You will be able to create squads with other players and create strategies to be the best. Do you dare? Here are some images of the game for you to start getting familiar with it.


How to get coins in Free Fire: Winter Festival

In this game the main resource used are the currenciess, they can be used for multiple functions like buying in the store, buying characters, costumes, unlocking skills, etc.

Here we show you a series of tricks on how to get free coins for this game:

  • Starting from the game menu you will get 1500 gold coins
  • You’ll get coins every time you play a game
  • You’ll get extra coins if you stay in good positions
  • You can play daily roulette where you can get good rewards
  • With the app Gums Up you can get free coins for Free Fire: Winter Festival

Free resource generator

On the Internet there are many websites specialized to generate free resources for many games including Free Fire, we personally recommend one that has been very useful to us that is with which you can get coins easily and quickly without any cost.

Tutorial to obtain Coins for Free Fire: Winter Festival

On the internet there is a lot of information regarding video games that you can use for your personal benefit. Below we offer you a tutorial where it is explained how to get everything you want in the game for free. That will make you not have to spend coins and you can get more:

What are the coins for in Free Fire: Winter Festival?

As we mentioned before, coins are the most important resource for this game, as they will allow you to get all the necessary equipment to survive. The resources in this game have a great utility as it is an online multiplayer game. Here we show you the main utilities of the resources for this game:

  • Improve your character’s skills
  • Buy and improve new equipment (weapons, accessories and improvements)
  • Get products from the shop
  • Buy reward boxes

Basic Guide to Playing Free Fire: Winter Festival

Although this game has a very intuitive gameplay similar to many other games, it is important to know some important details of the game before starting it. That’s why below we provide you with a basic introductory guide on how to play Free Fire: Winter Festival.

Analysis of Free Fire: Winter Festival

Free Fire: Winter Festival is a truly entertaining and addictive game that has delighted people all over the world. Its gameplay and graphics are wonderful. However, there are a number of negative points that we must also take into account. Now that you have a better understanding of the game, here’s an analysis of it:


  • Very good graphics
  • Very good and addictive.
  • Very entertaining


  • Loss of time between games
  • Difficulty in getting some resources
  • High rivalry

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