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Parchis Star is a mobile game for Android and iOS that consists of a virtual parcheesi board where you can enjoy the famous game of a lifetime where and with whomever you want. It was released in 2017 and since then it has had a lot of recognition worldwide.

Available: Android, iOS
Genre: Games
Players: Single Player, Multiplayer
Launch date: 2017



Parchis Star Trailer + Game Images

I’m sure you’ve all played Parcheesi sometime. This game is just a virtual version of it. However, for those of you who don’t know how it works, it’s very simple. It is a game where you have to take four pieces to the center of the board. Along the way you can remove your opponents and advance more squares. You win when all your pieces are in the center. Here is the official trailer of the game so you can start to see how it works:


Its gameplay is very simple and dynamic. You can play against people from all over the world and also with your friends. What are you waiting for?

How do you get coins in Parcheesi Star?

As in most games, there is a very important resource to be able to keep playing and improve. In this case, it’s coins. If you don’t have coins, you won’t be able to start any game of Parchis Star, as you play coins against other players. In order for you to play freely, we explain how to get coins in this game:

  • By winning games, you will keep the amount of coins you have played
  • Watching some of the advertising videos
  • Opening the boxes and throwing the lucky darts
  • With the platform Gums Up> you can get free coins for Parchis Star

Free resource generator for Parchis Star

The resource generators serve to get resources for almost any game without cost to the playerr, you will find many generators on the Internet that can help you get resources, we recommend you a very useful and reliable resource generator that will generate coins and gems for Parchis Star without problems.

Guide to get coins in Parchis Star

Surely on the internet you can find very useful information to get coins for Parchis Star. However, you should keep in mind that much of that information is based on the use of hacks (which is preferable not to use). For that same reason, we provide a video explaining how to legally obtain coins:

What are the coins for in Parchis Star?

As we mentioned before, the coins are the main resource for this game because without them you can’t start any game. Besides, it will give you other benefits that will make you enjoy the game more. Here are some of those benefits:

  • You will be able to buy personalization objects for your chips.
  • You can play as many times as you want against anyone.
  • It will allow you to play as many coins as you want and play against the best.
  • Thanks to the coins you will be able to keep playing, because if you don’t have coins to play you won’t be able to start any game.

How to get Gems in Parchis Star?

In the game of Parchis Star, gems are also very important. These will give you a number of competitive advantages that will make you the best in this game. Below we explain how to get this resource:

  • By watching the videos you can also get them.
  • Opening the gift boxes
  • Completing the league and depending on the position you are in
  • You can always buy them within the application

Guide to Getting Gems on Parchis Star

When we told you about the coins we recommended a free generator: You should know that this generator will also help you get gems. Here is a guide that explains how to get gems legally and for free:

What are the Gems in Parchis Star for?

Gems are an important and hard to get resource in this game. And you might be wondering what they are for? Well, here are some of the advantages that having gems in Parchis Star will give you:

  • You can roll the dice as many times as you want until you get the number you want
  • To obtain premium personalization objects
  • Having an advantage over your opponent
  • To be able to experiment in the game with total freedom

Basic Guide to Playing Parchis Star

The game of Parchis Star is quite simple and adapted for all audiences, but it is important that you have a number of points in mind before you start playing. Here we show you a video to help you understand how the game works.

Analysis of Parchis Star

Parchis Star is a wonderful game for all audiences and has a relentless dynamic and playability. It has captivated all the fans of traditional Parcheesi since the day it came out, and it is very easy to play. However, there are a number of negative points to consider. Here is a review of this game:


  • Fun and very addictive
  • You can play with your friends (cooperating or against them)
  • Very well imitated the traditional version of parchis


  • The random mode can make your rivals always win
  • Difficult to obtain gems without spending money
  • Few rewards

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