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Carrefour’s savings cheques are those that make it easier for us to buy the products we need in our daily life in this establishment. They can be used by all kinds of public and can contain the amount of money the buyer has wanted to insert.

Carrefour is a multinational distribution chain of French origin, being the first European group, at a short distance by net income from the German Schwarz Gruppe, and third worldwide in the sector.

It employs some 380 000 people worldwide. Its consolidated sales, including the income of all the group’s brands, reached 85.1 billion euros in 2018.

In this article, we will explain how you can get these gift cards for free, as well as their advantages and real prices.



Tricks to get Free Carrefour Savings Check

The savings cheque is a discount cheque that can be enjoyed by all customers who make purchases in this establishment and who also participate as members in the Carfour Club. Below we explain how to get this check.

  1. You must be a regular customer and become a member of Carrefour. If you are over 18 years old, you can become a member, as this is the only requirement. You can become a member by registering on the website or in any of the physical establishments, provided that they are members of the Club program.
  2. In order to get the discounts, you will only have to present your identification card, either physically or in the app of your mobile phone, when you make any purchase in a store of the chain. Therefore, every time you use your El Club card or pay with your PASS card, you can get discounts and personalized coupons for your next purchases.
  3. You can also accumulate money and save thanks to this check. In the check you can accumulate, among many other things, special promotions, savings of a % for your purchases of fresh products, the 8% whenever you report in Carrefour service stations and many other advantages.

How to get a Carrefour Gift Card

Unlike savings checks, Carrefour gift cards are more difficult to get. To get them, you can go to the physical stores and ask for them or ask on their website to find out how to get them.

However, these cards are made to accumulate money for your next purchases, so you will have to spend money at one time or another.

Price of Carrefour Gift Cards

The card itself is totally free, but it includes the costs of issuing and recording the cards as well as the costs of sending them to a destination point (if you don’t physically do it). You can choose the amount you want to insert, and this goes from a minimum of 3 ? to a maximum of 2,500 ?. That’s up to you, and don’t worry about losing that money because they don’t have an expiration date.

How to redeem your Carrefour Savings Cheque

When you have a Savings Cheque available you can present it both in its physical and digital format at the box where you have just made your purchases. In order to redeem it, all you have to do is identify yourself through your Club or PASS card. The amount of savings will be deducted from your total purchases.

If you prefer to redeem it in an online purchase, you only have to enter the number of the check in the space provided before proceeding with the payment.

As important information, you must know that the Check, unlike gift cards, has only one use, is not refundable if your purchase is less than the same amount, and must be used before the end of its period of validity.

Here is a video explaining how to redeem these savings coupons online:


Carrefour Gift Cards and Free Savings Checks

You can probably find different information about how to get these cards and checks for free on the Internet. In addition, there are many websites that offer free code and card generators for many companies and platforms.

However, many of these generators do not provide the expected result. That is why we personally recommend, a very reliable and useful resource generator that will provide you with cards and checks for free and legal for Carrefour.

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View Carrefour Gift Cards and Checks

According to our point of view, these cards can be very useful to surprise any friend or family member by giving them one as a gift, since it will make the purchase easier and will save a lot of money. On the other hand, we think they should include more gifts or promotions within these, because there are many people who do not have checks but a card.

As far as the Savings Checks, we believe that it is a very good strategy on the part of the company to fidelize its clients. In addition, it is great that for every purchase you can get discounts or promotions in the store.

What do you think about this article? What is your opinion about these cards and checks? Any doubt or comment about Carrefour Gift Cards, share it with us in the comments.

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