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From the creators of ARK comes Atlas, a pirate-themed fantasy sandbox for the PC. It is an action-adventure game based on a massively multiplayer world. It will be set in an open world called ATLAS. Here you will have to conquer territories, build and pilot ships, build forts and even hire crew and form an army to cross the seas!


Created by Grapeshot Games, a new studio founded by the creators of Ark: Survival Evolved, Atlas is a first-person survival MMO (also playable in third person) with an ambitious scale.


The developer has over 40,000 players in the same world, all exploring it simultaneously. Grapeshot aims to create large-scale battles and a living world, which is where scale comes into play. The Atlas includes land-based exploration games, as well as sea-based battles and ship-to-ship encounters.


You can unlock God mode, tame wild animals instantly, teleport anywhere on the map, fly, walk through walls and everything else that old-school PC game lovers (like us) expect.

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