Fortnite - Season 5: How to Complete Time Trials

Fortnite This time, too, has decided to change the cards on the table by proposing a jumble of strange and different challenges. With this Week 6 the developers of Epic Games have decided to take inspiration from completely different videogame genres to those we are used to associate the title.

Fortnite Season 5 comes and pulls out a series of timed challenges to complete in the saddle of your favourite vehicle (kart or cart it is) in an attempt to grab the stars of this week's battle.

Fortnite Season 5 - What are time trials?

The time trials are the classic time-trials to which all the car/racing addicted video games have accustomed us over the course of time. To complete a time trial it will simply be necessary to collect various chronometers in any order within a time limit.

To start a time challenge you need to interact with a particular transparent bluish clock that appears in specific points on the map.

To complete time challenges, vehicles such as the ATK or trolley are not necessary, but only recommended. We at , advise you to stock up on materials before throwing yourself in the middle of the clocks as some of the goals to be achieved are positioned at heights that are often difficult to reach; it will be necessary to create ramps and constructions to achieve them.

The only routes for which it is almost mandatory to use the ATK are those in the vicinity of Snob Beaches and the one in the north-west of Tomato Town; the rest of the routes can be solved with peace of mind even if you are on foot.

Fortnite Season 5 - where are the time trials?

For the moment we have managed to find five different locations where you can find these time trials.

The five stopwatches that allow the time challenges to start can be found in the following points:

  • Snob Beaches: Outside the villa complex, in the flat area between it and the mountain with the Viking village above it that appeared at the start of Season 5 of Fortnite . This route should preferably be done with the atk.
  • Crap Crossroads: A time trial for time challenges is located between the crap crossroads and the destroyed motel in the east.
  • Tomato Town: this chronometer is located near the riverbed that intersects the island, south of the bridge that makes it possible to go kart on the road that leads from risky rapids to Lazy Links/Borgho Bislacco. This route should preferably be done with the ATK.
  • Corso Commercio: this stopwatch is located within the northern area of Corso Commercio, near the road coming out of the northern part of the city.
  • Rifugio Ritirato: A time trial is located inside Rifugio Ritirato, northeast of the wooden hut that gives its name to the whole area.

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