Fortnite Season 5 - Here are the Challenges of Week 8

Once again this week it's time for Epic Games to officially release the weekly challenges that are so exciting in the game; seven different challenges that have the dual task of entertaining the player and boosting their profile with experience points and battle stars. By now the fifth season of Fortnite the game, the one that has added cracks, paradoxical objects and playground mode, is in full swing and Epic Games is preparing the future of the title to the sound of purple cubes.

This week we have, once again, seven different targets to get a rich bonus in experience points to increase your battle pass level and get the rewards you need. Read this guide to get the achievable and prepare for the stress of the next week's battle pass.

Fortnite Season 5 - free challenges.

These challenges can be completed without purchasing a battle pass and are therefore available to all players who have Fortnite installed them on their device/console/computer.

Place ten traps

The first challenge is quite simple and it's also quite relaxing, so you can get started without putting your soul into fatigue. This challenge asks the player to place ten different traps on a construction in any number of games.

To set a trap you simply need to enter construction mode and click the appropriate button to select them and start attaching traps to the constructions; you don't need to make kills or anything else to complete this challenge. The tricky side of the challenge could be finding these traps but Epic Games has also improved the drop rate of these traps during the latest balancing patches.

Search for seven chests inside Wailing Woods

Once again Epic Games sends us on a hunt for coffers for the whole world of Fortnite . This challenge asks the player to go looking for seven different chests within the location known as Wailing Woods, not one of the most popular and populated but certainly one of the most recognizable.

The area of Wailing Woods is a large flat expanse propped up by unnaturally large shrubs. The first problem you'll need to deal with is the large presence of opponents, all of whom are your peers in search of these blessed chests. To complete the challenge quickly it is recommended to go to Wailing Woods only when the location is at an appropriate distance from the battle bus route; once you arrive you simply need to search carefully in the centre of the area to find some chests, close to the camper to the south of the vegetation and close to the campers scattered all along the edges of the location.

Perform four eliminations using a Shotgunt (DIFFICULT)

This is the first challenge worthy of the name that is presented by Epic Games in the free weekly challenges section. The challenge in question asks the player to take home four eliminations by killing opponents through heavy rifles.

The weapons suitable for this challenge are the Tactical Shotgun, the Classic Pump Rifle, the Heavy Rifle and all those short-range weapons that during season 4 have sown terror for the game world. Eliminating an opponent using one of the following weapons is child's play once you've placed yourself at close range and are determined to use your weapon to the best of your ability; head shots, sprays that miss on counterstrikes and whoever else has them. To eliminate your opponents in the course of this challenge, simply run into enemies and quickly pull the trigger to avoid seeing your opponent run away.

Fortnite Season 5 - Battle Pass Challenges

These challenges can only be completed by players who have purchased the battle pass from Epic Games' in-house store for 1000 v-bucks (around €10).

Inflict 250 damage to opponents using a pickaxe

The good old pickaxe is the undisputed protagonist of this challenge; 10 damage at a time the player will be required to do 250 damage using his trusty pickaxe; improper weapon that not even a madman would ever dream of using.

There are mainly two methods with which you can complete this challenge: a rather uncertain one and a slower but consistent one. The first tactic is to search directly for the people who, close combat, especially during the beginning of the game, are willing to fight only with a blank weapon in an attempt to complete the challenge too. This tactic could work for a few days after the release of the weekly challenges and then disappear completely the further we go with the days.

The second tactic is to play as a duo or squad and land your opponents using another of your weapons. Once you have your opponent on the ground all you have to do is put your pickaxe and, ten damage at a time, erode his HP bar once and for all. This tactic is really time consuming because it involves the realization of at least 3 kills with pickaxes and they are not exactly something easy to do, considered the most aggressive gameplay of the games in Squad or Duo. The pickaxe attacks once every 1.2 seconds for ten damage, it takes ten hits to eliminate an opponent and consequently it takes twelve seconds to get 100 clean damage. For the rest of you, start looking for a four-leaf clover to complete this challenge because without luck it will be difficult to move forward.

Use ten different rifts over several games

Once again to complete a challenge the player is asked to use the cracks properly a precise number of times. This challenge, specifically, requires the player to use ten different rifts over several non-consecutive games.

To use a slit, simply find out the position of one of them, move closer and press the key to interact until you are catapulted into the atmosphere; from there, simply go to any other point with a slit and continue until you have solved the problem.

Using this rift map you will be able to figure out more or less where you can go to add tiles when you complete this challenge. The cracks within the circles are not fixed but change from game to game within the marked areas; nothing particularly difficult. Within a few games it will be possible to complete this challenge without any pity.

Search among three oversized seats (DIFFICULT)

This week's treasure hunt features a curious trio of huge seats, as defined by Epic Games' bad boys. To complete this challenge the advice that we give you is to follow the guide that we have written especially for you, in order to show all those bad developers that nobody cares about the difficulty of the challenges.

Stage Challenge: Eliminate an opponent in the Greasy Grove (DIFFICULT)

This week comes in raising a type of challenges that we've seen very little in our lifetime as players of Fortnite : the stage challenges.

These challenges are made up of truly separate stages that award prizes along the way; the three stages that make up this specific challenge, for example, have three different rewards based on battle stars.

The challenge asks, very briefly, to eliminate three different opponents in three consecutive locations on the map. The first phase and the second phase to completely give the player three stars of the battle while the last phase gives four. The phases must be completed in the order described in the game.

The first opponent to eliminate will be at Wailing woods, a location where battles over medium distance are the master; using an assault rifle or any weapon with which you are well accustomed to aim to complete this challenge will be a piece of cake.

The second opponent to be eliminated will be in the Retreat Hut, which is the most rugged location for terrain and requires a good knowledge of the area to be shot down with simple; Retreat Hut is a very varied area where the fighting is constantly changing. The important thing is to be the first to have the vision on the opponent and use it to your advantage.

The third opponent is in Lethal Lands, a flat location with scattered buildings. To eliminate opponents within Lethal Landes the advice we give you is to arm yourself with a good weapon from the short room and try to ambush any type of opponent within one of the farm buildings in the area, in a few games you will surely be able to complete the third stage of the challenge and bring home the last four stars of the battle.

We remind all players that the challenge must be completed in the following order: Greasy Grove -> Retreat Hut -> Lethal Landes; killing opponents in RR or LL before you have completed BB will be useless and will only waste your time.

Do you have problems completing the other challenges of Fortnite ?
Don't worry, we at , have created a long series of themed guides for you that will allow you to get the most out of the battle pass you buy seasonally.

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