Fortnite - Season 5: Guide to The Challenges of Week 4

Another Thursday other story: the developers of Epic Games have included in Fortnite : Battle Royale, on the occasion of the fifth season, yet another week of challenges to complete to spend your time in the company of the most popular battle royale on the globe.

One of the craziest challenges this week is one that asks us players to improvise as crazy stuntmen and to get to the bottom of everything we've learned over the months driving bogies and All Terrain Karts.

Let's see together how to bring home the greatest possible results from this week of challenges made in Fortnite that, as always, are divided between free challenges and exclusive challenges of the battle pass!

Fortnite Season 5 - free challenges.

These challenges can be completed without purchasing a battle pass and are therefore available to all players who have Fortnite installed them on their device/console/computer.

  • Build 250 structures in one or more matches.

    This challenge asks the player to build 250 structures of any kind during one or more games. 250 structures are 2500 units of resources used during the course of a game, considering that after the recent patches the maximum amount of transportable resources is 500 you will need to really set aside to take this game home. The best way to accumulate resources is to focus on wood and use that to build when you have time and way.

    To get a lot of wood there are two methods: the first one is to collect it from the wooden pallets scattered around the game world; these pallets contain about 60+ units of wood and break in very few seconds; the second method is to land in places such as blathering forest or retreating shelter, with a high content of trees and get busy with your collection tool to try to maximize the number of resources collected.

  • Jump through five fiery rings with a shopping cart or off-road kart

    This challenge asks players to improvise stuntmen and jump through five fiery circles around the map using one of the two vehicles currently in the game code. The choice between cart and off-road karts is pretty much the same, so it's important to know where the carts are and where you can get the vehicles.

  • Eliminate three enemies in the Muffito Warehouse (DIFFICULT)

    This challenge requires players to eliminate three opponents over the course of multiple games within the renewed forest that has appeared above the muffled warehouse crater. Three players are not very many and considering that the player is left with a very large number of games with which to conclude the challenge, it is surprising to read the word DIFFICULT at the end of the sentence.

    To eliminate three enemies the best methods are always the same: use the weapon with which you have the most confidence (and given the nature of Warehouse Muffito we hope for you is something medium / short distance) and try to hit by surprise or behind the opponents who are placed in front of you. Muffito Warehouse thanks to this challenge could repopulate itself widely, so be careful and try to land and get some kind of loot instantly.

Fortnite Season 5 - Battle Pass Challenges

These challenges can only be completed by players who have purchased the battle pass from Epic Games' in-house store for 1000 v-bucks (around €10).

  • Inflict five hundred damage to enemies with Precision Rifles.

    This challenge requires players to Fortnite inflict 500 damage with sniper rifles. The rifles that can help the player complete this challenge are the sniper rifle, the semi-automatic sniper rifle and the shotgun.
    All of these weapons are capable of doing almost a hundred damage every single shot fired, so with less than one magazine (at least for the automatic rifle) you can take home the reward for this challenge.

    The shotgun is definitely the most versatile weapon among the three thanks to its decent accuracy even from close range, so it is certainly the one recommended for newbies who try to take home this battle pass challenge.

  • Look for seven chests in the Latrine Laboratory

    This challenge asks players to open seven different chests within the location known as the Latrine Lab. Laboratorio della Latrina is the toilet factory in the southernmost area of the map, on the west side of the map, and is a complex of industrial buildings surrounded by a parking lot and a street. Inside Laboratorio della latrina, at least on the ground floor, there are not many possibilities to find a box because of the conformation of the area and therefore it is advisable to go up to the upper floor to look on the other floor for any possible holes and areas where to find the coffers.

    Outside Laboratorio Della Latrina you can find crates in the parking lots or in the back of trucks and cars. It's likely that a couple of games won't be enough to complete this challenge, go for it!

  • Search between a gas station, a football pitch and a mountain for stunts (DIFFICULT)

    This triangulation challenge will ask the player to look for a battle star buried between a football field, a stunt mountain and a gas station. Follow the guide we have created ad-hoc for you to complete this challenge.

  • Make three eliminations using the gun (DIFFICULT)

    This challenge asks the player to eliminate three opponents with any type of gun in one or more games of Fortnite . The weapons valid for this challenge are all normal pistols, all revolvers, silenced pistol, heavy pistol and double guns. Completing this challenge may be very simple or very difficult depending on how familiar you are with the above weapons.

    The normal gun is a weapon with a high rate of fire and low damage that can help the unluckiest players during the very first stages of the game; the revolver is able to headshot and make a kill during the very first stages of the game as long as you have good accuracy; the silenced gun is a weapon that can turn your ambushes into deadly traps thanks to the good damage mixed with the extremely low noise that the weapon releases and is one of the strongest guns in the game. The heavy pistol is a faster and extremely more powerful version of the revolver, able to do a lot of damage in a short time thanks to the not exactly low rate of fire while the double pistols are the best weapons to complete this challenge, thanks to the very high damage output and good accuracy.

    All of the above weapons work beautifully from short/medium range, so try to force that kind of combat there.

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