Fortnite Season 4 - Where to Find All Wolverine Claw Marks

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As you already know, season 4 brought heroes The Marvel movies su Fortnite. Thanks to this, players will have the opportunity to obtain the costume of Wolverine.

In this first guide we are going to illustrate how to complete the first challenge that you will have to complete in order to get his costume.

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Where to find all Wolverine's scratches

The first challenge you will face will require you to find three scratches, left by Wolverine in the game map. The completion of the first challenge will be quite simple for you also because the scratches will be all three in the area of Frignante Forest.

  • You will find the first scratch on the western wall of the hut, located in the northern part of the Forest Frignante.

  • The second claw mark will be located on a rock which you will find heading south if you are coming from the hut, or north if you are heading to the hut from the south.

  • To find the last claw mark, head towards the parking areaWithituata has is area of Frignante Forest. Once on site clook for the green one among the campers and examine it to find the last claw mark.

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