Fortnite Season 10: Guide to The Challenges of Week 5

As usual we meet on these pages to face once again the weekly appointment with the challenges of the most popular battle royale of the moment: Fortnite Battle Royale. Since the tenth season of the game we've had to deal with an important change regarding the weekly challenges, never before changed so much during previous seasons and to date completely different from what we had learned to appreciate on these screens.

We had to say goodbye to the so-called free challenges, this time modified into a series of challenges on a daily basis called brute challenges and we had to deal with a renewed set of deliveries to face, this time divided into two sections and four micro-sections. From the tenth season onwards, all challenges covered in these guides are available only to the owners of the battle pass, always available for 950 v-bucks from the game store.

First of all we have an important differentiation between normal challenges and those defined as prestige challenges. Both challenges exist in two variants: a variant relegated to normal mode and a variant relegated to team brawl mode; you can no longer use team brawl mode to solve challenges otherwise complicated in normal mode in essence.

The prestige challenges are nothing but more complicated versions of the normal challenges, dedicated to the most skillful players and will be able to give any kind of player Fortnite present at the moment on these screens a hard time.

Let's cut the crap and see what the most important challenges of this second week of Fortnite Battle Royale are.

Fortnite Season 10 - Blockbuster Challenges

Land at the Muffito Warehouse and then visit the Meteora in a single game.

This first challenge asks the player to land at a specific point on the map and then head to another point on the map. The two points in question are Warehouse Muffito, a place that you know very well and that is well marked on the game map, and the meteor, a place that is not marked on the map but easily visible because of its shape. To understand where the meteor is simply raise your eyes to the sky and look for a piece of rock whose course is blocked by the unfolding of time. Once you reach both points the challenge will be considered over and you can easily move on to the next stage of the blockbuster challenges.

Collect materials at the Quarter (0/300)

This challenge asks the player to collect three hundred items in the area known as the neighborhood. The neighborhood is an area with a name clearly visible on the game map that changes shape from week to week, taking the design created by one of the players in the game. To collect three hundred materials you simply need to pick up the pick within the neighborhood from game to game, without making special distinctions between one source of material or another; in this way, within a few minutes, always remembering to hit the blue target of the object, you will be able to complete this challenge and move on to the next challenge of these Blockbuster deliveries.

It lands on a destroyed Hero's Villa and an abandoned Hideout of Villagers.

This is a challenge for nostalgic old players who have been able to test the season of superheroes and supervillains. In order to complete this challenge, the player is asked to land at two specific points on the map: the villa of the destroyed heroes in the easternmost part of the game map and the supervillain's hideout located inside the mountain in the immediate vicinity of Snob Beaches. Completing this challenge is literally a matter of seconds and two games, since the points are not in particularly difficult places to land and since there are no additional requests.

Inflict damage to opponents in a low-gravity area

This challenge requires the player to inflict a certain amount of damage to opponents in specific areas of the game with low gravity. There are two ways to complete this challenge without going crazy: one is to make this kill in the area of Sponde Del Saccheggio and the other is to shoot down opponents while using a hop rock, a consumable item that can only be found near the crater.

We take it for granted that as good players you choose the idea of completing the challenge by making kill in the area of the banks of the looting: to be able to quickly complete this challenge remember that the area of the banks of the looting, at the moment, is full of debris and destroyed buildings that make it complicated navigation, not to mention the large amount of flying objects and crates that you can find. In order to complete this challenge with simplicity, we recommend that you throw yourself into the fray armed with a shotgun and a lot of patience, to try to take out your opponents quickly without worrying about the consequences. Simply remember not to fly too close to the large sphere which will otherwise activate a slit and allow you to escape (or let your opponent escape) to places of greater safety.

Look through a basement camera, a snowy stone head and a golden truck...

This challenge asks the player to triangulate a point on the map by examining three very different objects: a basement, a snowy stone head and a golden truck on the game map.

To avoid sending you blindly in search of this point within the map we help Fortnite you with a map created ad hoc; once you arrive at that point you will see a battle star appear from the ground that after receiving interactions will make you finish the challenge. Here is the position to reach in order to complete the challenge.

Eat fruit, mushrooms or objects with glitches

This challenge asks the player to go in search of particular items with glitches and consume them during the course of the game. The objects in question, fruit and mushrooms mainly, can be found within the crater area where the meteor is about to hit, more or less in the center of the game map; arriving in the area and being very careful where you are putting your feet will be able to complete the challenge in a very short time and move on to the next delivery invented by the boys of Epic Games for the completion of the challenge.

Interact with vending machines in different batches

This challenge asks the player to interact in at least three different games with three vending machines scattered around the game map. The vending machines are almost ubiquitous within the game world of Fortnite Battle Royale and are located in the vicinity of many buildings, especially when you are in the vicinity of a town or location with a name and clearly visible on the map. In order to interact with a vending machine you will need to have a given number of resources and exchange them with the machine in exchange for a weapon of increasing rarity depending on the type of material; take your collection tool in your hand and start to smack around to retrieve the necessary resources.

Fortnite Season 10 - Blockbuster Challenges Prestige

Eliminations at Muffito Warehouse or on the Meteor (0/3)

This challenge asks the player to make three eliminations at two specific points on the game map: Muffito Warehouse and the meteor. Between the two we absolutely recommend the first, Muffito Warehouse, which with its tunnels and its hangars is particularly suitable for completing the challenge as it is the perfect place to carry out a complex combat with short range weapons such as machine guns or shotguns.

If, on the other hand, you decide to go and shoot down opponents near the meteor, simply bring along medium/long range weapons and a great desire to shoot down your opponents; to complete this challenge you will simply need to be more precise and faster than others in predicting the paths of your opponents and deciding the path to take towards victory.

Search coffers or ammunition boxes in the Quarter (0/7)

This challenge asks the player to successfully interact with seven different items between normal chests and ammunition boxes within the location known as the neighborhood. To find the chests you will need to rely on the usual advice: be careful of the golden aura that these wooden and metal boxes give off, be careful of the jingle with which they hide behind the walls and try to go easy with the pickaxe because you risk destroying them too. The ammunition boxes, on the other hand, despite being smaller and fragile, are extremely numerous and can be found with great ease within the neighborhood and the surrounding areas; be careful even here simply what you pick to avoid destroying them in the search process.

Search for coffers in the abandoned Heroes' Villa or the Hideout of the Baddies (0/7)

This challenge asks the player to interact with seven chests in two different places already seen during normal challenges: the heroes' mansion or the villains' hideout. The villa of the heroes is located in the easternmost part of the game map, between the desert biome and the north forest, while the villains' hideout is located inside a large mountain near Snob Beaches and can generally be reached after a landing. In order to be able to complete this challenge quickly, we suggest you simply to land in both locations as many times as possible because the number of chests is not particularly high; once done, you will simply have to go in search of the chests paying attention to the golden auras and musical jingles, looking in the basement, behind the walls or not looking at all when they are in bellavista.

Inflict damage with explosive weapons (0/500)

This challenge asks the player to accumulate over the course of one or more games five hundred years made solely using explosive weapons. Explosive weapons are all those weapons that have bullets that, on impact, generate some kind of explosion such as the rocket launcher, grenade launcher, normal grenades and or the brute's missile launcher; once found the weapon remember that you do not have to be as accurate as possible for the completion of the challenge but you can also shoot in the immediate vicinity of your victim to be able to use the shockwave to do the damage.

To complete this challenge quickly, we simply recommend you use the Brute robot added with the last season of the game to be able to hoard damaged opponents with missiles; one of the ways in which the brute fires includes a repeating missile launcher that fires a large number of shots: the perfect way to accumulate damage done with explosive weapons; if you don't want to use the brute instead go and complete this challenge in team brawl mode to make the most of your opponents' respawns and use them as sandbags to hit missiles to complete it all.

Search between a disc phone, a knife fork and a house on the hill covered with Omega and Carburo posters.

This challenge asks the player to reach a specific point on the map located between a disc phone, a knife fork and a house on the hill covered with Omega and Carbide posters. In order to complete this challenge, all you need to do is take a look at the map that we have made for you and for this occasion, a map that shows where you need to arrive on the game map in order to complete the challenge.

The point in question is located just west of Lands lethal, near the road that connects the farm location to the winter biome.

Consumes fruit, mushrooms or items with glitch in one batch (0/8)

This challenge asks the player to consume fruit, mushrooms or glitchy objects in a single game. The glitchy objects are located near the crater described above, while the fruit and mushrooms are scattered across larger game maps: the fruit is located near lethal moors, near fruit trees, or between the neighborhood and the crossroads of the junk, always in the vicinity of fruit trees; mushrooms, however, are found in the darker and swampy areas of the game map and are mostly in the area between the peaceful park and the cursed mountains; just go there to make hoard of this type of objects uin able to increase the player's armor.

Collect materials at the Quarter or Muffito Warehouse in one game (0/300)

This challenge asks the player to collect three hundred materials in the neighborhood or in the location known as the Muffito warehouse, all in one game. In order to quickly complete this challenge, the above tips apply: take your collection tool and start picking without worrying about what you have ahead, remember to always hit the blue target that appears while picking to double the rate of collection materials and simply try to go to those places when the trajectory of the battle bus does not pass us to avoid being cooled by herds of opponents in the meantime, avoiding an uncomfortable game over.

If you're afraid of finding large amounts of opponents in those places don't be afraid, remember that you can also complete this challenge in Square Brawl mode; go to team brawl mode and hope that at least one of the two locations are in your half of the field, go there and start collecting as much material as possible to be able to quickly complete the last challenge of this fifth week of the game in the Fortnite Battle Royale.

If you also have problems with the wonderful world of Fortnite consult the guides that we have created for you and your problems, the guides are divided into two macro dishcloths, those related to the weekly challenges that Epic Games offers players through the battle pass (no generic challenges for now) and a series of encyclopaedia guides with all the necessary information if someone wants to have tips and tricks on how to better use the weapons or where to land!

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