Fortnite - Guide to the challenges of the second week of season 4

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Fortnite season 4's second week of challenges has finally arrived, in this guide we show you how to complete them all.

Collect 7 chests in Salty Springs

Just like in last week's challenge, this week too you will have to retrieve 7 chests in a specific place on the map. So to complete the challenge head to Salty Springs and recover the trunks.

Performed 3 eliminations at The Authority

To complete this challenge you will need carry out at least 3 Kill when you are in this location. Kills must be made over the course of multiple games, otherwise they will not be valid.

Dance on the heads of 3 sentries


To complete this challenge, just head to Sentinel Graveyard, the place where you will find the sentries is located between Weeping Woods e Lazy Lake.

Destroy seven boats at steep cliffs

To complete this challenge, just head to Cliffs and once you get there, destroy at least seven boats.

Jump on four dog toys

You can complete this challenge quickly, head in between Holly Hedges e Salty Springs to find the place shown above. Once there, jump on the various toys available.

Drive a speedboat under three different steel bridges

Retrieve a speedboat, after which go under three steel bridges to complete the challenge. Find the location of the bridges and speedboats marked on the map shown above.

Get seven Shild chests from Quinjet planes

Quinjets are planes that fly on the battle bus at the start of the round and land in the same spots every game. You can find them easily by looking at the map and finding the icons representing a white jet.

To complete the challenge, just enter the plane and loot the large chest located inside. Do this seven times to complete the challenge.

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