Fortnite - Guide to the challenges of the first week of season 4

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Fortnite season 4 is finally here and along with it has come a new series of challenges that you will need to complete in order to help the Marvel heroes. Are you wondering what they are? rest assured in this guide, we will show you how to quickly complete them all.

Found 7 chests in Moli Molesti

To complete this challenge you will have to head to the location Moli Molesti, once you reach the place you will have to find and open up to 7 chests located in the city. Since the place has a lot of loot, completing the challenge will be quite simple.

Kill 3 players when you are in Holly Hedges

To complete this challenge you will need carry out at least 3 Kill when you are in this location. Kills must be made over the course of multiple games, otherwise they will not be valid.

Collect the floating rings of Misty Moors

In the location of Misty moors Four rings have been scattered and your goal will be to recover them. To speed up the search for the rings, below you will find the location of all four.

  • Clock Tower
  • Building north of the city
  • Pavilion-like structure, located south-east of the city
  • Lonely hut, located south of the city

Kill 5 robots from the Stark industries defending the Quinjets

Each time you start a game, the game will generate Quinjet points visible on the map. Who will be defending these places robots from Stark industries which are your goal for completing the challenge. In fact, to complete it, it will not be enough for you to start a game head to the Quinjet point and once them eliminate 5 robots.

Fill up a vehicle

This is undoubtedly the easiest and fastest challenge in the game, in fact to complete it all you have to do is retrieve a vehicle and then head to Lago Languido and fill up here, at the petrol pump.

Do at least 1000 damage using Stark weapons

To complete this challenge you will need to recover the Stark Industries energy rifle, obtainable only by killing the robots located to defend the sites Quinjet. Once you have recovered the weapon you will only have to deal 1000 damage to your opponentsi.

Eliminate il boss Doctor Doom

To complete this challenge it will be convenient for you to be in a group because you will not find yourself facing a collection mission or killing a normal NPC, but a real boss and you will have to do it in at least three games to complete the objective.

That said if you feel ready and well equipped you can tackle Doctor Doom, direndovi al Doom domain located where the Pacific Park location used to be.

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