Fortnite Chapter 2 - Guide to medals and how to update the Punch Card

Il medal system was one of the new to Fortnite Chapter 2 and with this guide it will be possible to understand how to earn them for get experience points.

List of medals

Each 24 hours in Fortnite you will have the option of earn special medals to receive extra experience points. The medals available are:

    • Scavenger Medal - Find 3 chests, supplies or the Llama.
    • Battle Medal - Make an elimination in the match.
    • Survivor Medal - Stay in the top 50 players.
    • First Match Medal - Complete the first game of the day.
    • Fishing Medal - Capturing an object using the fishing rod.
    • Sniper Medal - Eliminate a player with a sniper rifle from at least 100m away.

The bonuses given by the medals

Earning medals within a match will result in guaranteed access to gods bonus experience points regardless of the result that will be achieved in the same.

For example the Scavanger Medal will ensure 2000 experience points regardless of whether you finish first or not.

Each medal obtained can also be updated repeating the action performed several times to unlock it, thus obtaining additional bonus points.

For every single medal they will be obtained 2.000 experience points. However, if all 8 spaces of the Punch Card, the eighth and last medal will earn 4.000

The Punch Card update

After reaching the maximum limit of 8 medals, you will have completed the Daily Punch Card. Currently la Punch Card it updates every 24 hours at 15.00 (Italian time).

Fortnite Chapter 2 It is available for all consoles and PCs.

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