Fortnite Chapter 2 - Challenges of the fourth week of season 4

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Fortnite season 4's fourth week of challenges has finally arrived, in this guide we show you how to complete them all.

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Collect 7 chests in Slurpy Swamp

And also for this fourth week you will be required to find 7 chests / open located in a certain place, this time the place where you will have to go to complete the challenge is Slurpy Swamp.

Performed 3 eliminations in the Frignant Forest

To complete this challenge you will need carry out at least 3 Kill when you are in this location. Kills must be made over the course of multiple games, otherwise they will not be valid.

Do 100 damage over 10 seconds while jumping on a Sweaty Sands umbrella

To complete the third challenge you will have to head to Sweaty Sands and while jumping on a local umbrella, do at least 100 damage within 10 seconds.

Destroy 3 Collector Crates in The Collector location

To complete this challenge, once the game has started you will have to jump from the battle bus directly to the new location located between Retail Row and Catty Corner. Once in The Collector he destroys 3 crates to complete the challenge.

Hacherate 3 robots from Stark Industries

To complete this challenge, head to the Stark Industries. Once you arrive in the new location you will have to take down a robot from the Stark industries, and then later hacher it. While facing the Robots, pay attention to Iron Man because if you ever have to engage in a fight with him the challenge will be very difficult.

You will destroy 20 Gatherers

The Gorger is a new boss who will appear randomly in each round of the battle royale mode. To find it, you will have to jump off the bus, once in the air look for the rred jack that will shoot towards its spawn point.

Found the beam, head to his position to engage in a fight with him. Your goal will be to have him summon his smaller drones called Gatherers. These in fact will be your goal to be eliminated. Eliminate at least 20 of his minions to complete the challenge.

Deal 10,000 damage with the weapon dropped by the Gatherers

This challenge will be pretty easy to complete, in fact all you need to do is eliminate one Gatheres and use the weapon that dropperà to deal at least 10,000 damage to either another player or the boss himself The Gorger.

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