Forgotten Worlds - Master System cheats

Forgotten Worlds, which was released in Japan under the title Lost Worlds, is one scrolling shooter originally developed by the Capcom as a coin-op video game, intended for arcades.

Released in 1988 also for Sega Master System, the game is set in the distant future in which an evil God known as "Emperor Bios" has destroyed much of the planet Earth, making it a kind of wasteland now known as "Dust World", the world of sand. Two unnamed super soldiers are created by the surviving humans to defeat Bios and the eight evil deities who serve him.
Forgotten Worlds can be played by two players at the same time and the player controls a soldier armed with a shotgun with infinite ammo. Player 1 is equipped with a long range auto rifle, while Player two is equipped with a short range but more powerful shotgun. In the various levels, in addition to normal attacks, they can also be performed super attacks that destroy any enemy on the screen at the time of detonation. These attacks, however, use a portion of the player's life bar.

At the title screen press 2, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, 1, UP, RIGHT on controller 2 for invincibility. Press 2 on controller 2 during the game to jump to the next level.


If one of the players dies in 2 player mode, press START repeatedly to earn extra CONTINUE that will allow you to continue in the game.

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