For Honor - Complete Beginners Guide

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For Honor has finally arrived on the market: Vikings, samurai and knights can beat the crap out of each other and the virtual battlefields are more populated than ever. The game, as expected, is brutal and complex: communication is fundamental and it's easy to get lost in the multiplayer mechanics proposed by Ubisoft. Today, therefore, we're here to give you a first guide for beginners, a series of basic tips to keep well to while you play. No one has the magic wand so do not delude yourself: you'll lose a lot playing For Honor, but with the right tricks you will improve over time. Are you ready? Let's do it!

1 - Don't forget the bots

The impact with For Honor is quite heavy: all players look like phenomena and it's hard to settle in. Initially, therefore, we recommend that you try games with AI-controlled bots: in this way you can take the hand and prepare for more complex and challenging fights. Warning: you can gain experience and loot even in these games played against bots, so you won't waste time!

2 - Watch all videos

The initial tutorial only explains the basic mechanics and is certainly not enough to understand a character all the way through. For this reason we strongly recommend you to take a look at the advanced training and character videos: in this way you'll be more effective in battle and you won't be caught off guard when the time comes. We also advise you to choose the fighter you want to bet on right away, the tutorials will vary slightly depending on your decision (you can always change your mind of course).

Go to the advanced training section every time you decide to change a character and watch the related videos, we assure you that you will not regret it.

3 - Watch out for the difficulty

During the selection of the character a classification immediately jumps out at you: the heroes are clearly divided into easy, medium and difficult. Our advice is not to underestimate absolutely this division, the difficult heroes do not joke at all so think really well before you invest resources to unlock them. Betting on a difficult hero right away can be extremely frustrating, you must first try to lay the foundations with low level characters. The average heroes are not so complicated at first but we recommend not to select them, there will be time...

4 - Talk to each other!

Don't be shy, For Honor in certain modes it is clearly a multiplayer based on communication and teamwork. There are systems to give directions to other in-game team members, that's obvious, but nothing beats the simplicity and immediacy of a good microphone. Try to coordinate as best you can with the other players in defence and attack, call for help when you're in a two-on-one situation, use raids to prevent the enemy from getting reinforcements and so on. In this game words are much more important than skill with the sword, it is really difficult for players to lose against a team in which everyone acts on their own...

5 - A piece of ice

For Honor is essentially a war game and, as we know, in battles you are often and willingly in the middle of a big casino. We have people who get decapitated, walls collapsing, arrows to dodge and so on. In this chaos it is certainly difficult to stay lucid, keep control of the opponent and decide what to do, but staying cool is absolutely essential. When you're in a one-on-one situation surrounded by enemies and allies, always try to be calm while keeping your eyes on the target, randomly slashing would certainly amount to certain death. Try to reach an ally if you're in trouble and avoid being a hero by facing two enemies at once... you'll end up dead!

6 - Stamina is everything!

The stamina is fundamental in For Honor, the player must be able to manage it in the best possible way to emerge victorious from a clash. The action that generally consumes the most stamina is the dodge, so use it only when strictly necessary. Avoid abusing heavy attacks or long sequences of light attacks, you'll soon become really slow and the enemy will slice you to pieces in seconds. For beginners the best tactic is probably the classic "bite and run": give a couple of shots, recover, then a heavy attack, recover and so on. Of course it also depends a lot on how aggressive the opponent is, the only way to learn how to handle yourself is to play as much as possible.

7 - Tank

The armor in For Honor are not trivial cosmetic changes, the equipment you wear really enhance your stats in battle and allow you to be more or less effective against certain enemies. Warning: this only applies to 4 vs. 4 domination, so don't delude yourself that you can prevail in one-on-one thanks to your equipment.

Our advice, therefore, is to try when possible to take care of your armor by upgrading it and being careful to wear it in the right games: do not ignore this component of the game because you would regret it bitterly.

8 - Don't give up!

For Honor, as we said, it's not a simple game: the learning curve is steep and opponents beat like blacksmiths. It's really easy to get discouraged, but we invite you to hang in there because after gaining some experience things tend to get better and the game can give great satisfaction (especially when played as a team). Our advice, therefore, is to resist the temptation to throw the pad out the window in the early stages: only then you can become strong enough and massacre the other poor players.

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