Football Manager 2018 - Beginners Guide, How to Start

Football Manager 2018 Beginner's Guide - The European Championships are coming to life and, as every year, it's time to launch into the discovery of the new chapter of the famous Football Manager series. In the various editions we have tested in recent times, a lot of things have changed, but there is one aspect that has remained unchanged: the game remains damn difficult, especially for users who have never approached the franchise. For this reason we at have decided to offer you a new "guide for beginners" dedicated to Football Manager 2018 , just a few tips to help you get off on the right foot and to allow you to easily understand all the mechanics. Do not be under any illusions though: it literally takes months to master a Football Manager in every aspect, so do not rush and try to learn as quickly as possible.

How to Start

In, Football Manager 2018 as per tradition, you can choose to start as a coach without a contract or, alternatively, you have the opportunity to take the reins of your favourite team right from the start. In both cases, in a more or less short time you will find yourself in a situation of extreme instability, catapulted into a context hitherto known only from the outside and still quite chaotic. The first thing to do to avoid going crazy, therefore, is to try to give yourself a mental order for the tasks to be performed: remember that in the game time flows only when you decide it, so do everything with due calm.

The first step, in case you don't already have all the details about it, is to analyze the main competition in which you will have to participate (usually the league): in this way you will immediately understand who will be the strongest, weakest and equal opponents. By learning more about the championship you will also be able to adjust better for the market and, after analyzing your roster, you can make a more realistic assessment of your next season. The second step is exactly the one just mentioned: after you get more information about the league you need to thoroughly analyze every single player in the squad to understand their roles, attitudes, potential and so on. Such an operation usually takes a long time since there are also roses from more than twenty players, but it is absolutely essential since without proper awareness it is impossible to make a decent season. For the moment don't waste time talking to individual players, you'll do it later, just check the various statistics to see who to bet on and who to let go.

The interface of Football Manager 2018 , just like the one in the previous chapters, can appear chaotic and indecipherable at first glance but we assure you that with the calm and with the habit everything makes sense. In the screens dedicated to the players you will find really all the information you need to understand the impact that a player will have on your team so don't rush it.

After having thoroughly analyzed the competition and the roster at your disposal you can focus on incoming emails and then you can focus on more specific aspects such as training, market and staff.

Money and Schemes

The market is an essential component of Football Manager, it is what in fact allows you to upset or consolidate a rose. To make a good transfer campaign, however, it is strictly necessary to have a network of level observers so before you jump into the market section we recommend you check this aspect. The best scouts are obviously expensive, but it's an almost obligatory investment since without them you'd take an industrial amount of bins... The other staff members can wait, as we said the first few days it's important that you make sure you have good scouts.

As far as the market is concerned, there are no real rules, each player has his own approach and propensity to risk... The guidelines that apply to everyone, unless you are coaching Real, are that money does not grow on trees and that you should always consult carefully the rules of the league to avoid finding yourself with redundancies (do not spend money on players you could not put on the list, we assure you that these inattentions are quite frequent). Take advantage of the analysis of the roster that you have done previously and, adjusting to the type of module and game you want to implement, identify the positions where you are most exposed. Always try to take at least one young person with a great perspective (you can find them in our dedicated guide), in this way you can always cover yourself with good capital gains in case things go wrong...

After you've made your first offers or your first divestments, it's finally time to get down to training. Your approach must of course vary depending on the time of year, in a classic match starting in summer it is essential to focus on athletic preparation right away. In any case, even for training sessions there is no real fixed rule, every player must experiment to find the right compromise that will satisfy him over time. One piece of advice we can certainly give you is to take advantage of 200% of the pre-season friendly matches to understand what is working and what is not, which aspects to train better and which individual trainings to assign. Do not let the PC handle everything automatically because it often and willingly makes bad decisions.


Getting off on the right foot is no Football Manager 2018 t easy, but it is essential for a successful season. Wrong market or preparation in summer means in 90% of cases throwing away the year and very often, unfortunately, this leads to exemption. Do everything calmly, take your time and follow the general guidelines we have given you: in this way, by acting in this order, you will be able to organize yourself better and make better decisions. Of course, in this guide we are addressing beginners and novices of the series, the more experienced users can easily continue to follow the procedures perfected over the years.

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