Five Educational and Fun Video Games Suitable for Kids

Five educational and fun video games suitable for children

Dear parents, have you ever found yourself in difficulty and not knowing what to buy your children? The game is a fundamental experience in the growth of children and, considering the trends and the amount of titles available on the market, choosing a title suitable for the age and needs of your child is not always easy.

There is often strong discrimination and ghettoisation in the world of video games. The videogame experience, instead, knows how to be strongly educational and formative.

Our goal with this guide is to guide you towards conscious and child-friendly shopping. Rather than simply recommending a list of titles, I will also explain why it is right for your children to try these games.

1 Overcooked, to have fun together and teach cooperation

Overcooked is the ultimate cooperative game to play together as a family. It's a title that forces players to work together to help achieve a common goal. You and your children will also find yourself in fun situations that will make you laugh out loud.

Each player will have to impersonate a really funny cook and cook delicious dishes according to the requests of the customers of your imaginary place. Everything is seasoned with vibrant and lively tones that will make the experience very enjoyable. There will be moments when your memory will be tested and other situations where you will have to succeed in doing things in the set time. Please do not burn anything on your stove!

Beware of the unexpected and mice ready to steal ingredients from your kitchen! This is a fun but at the same time very educational title that teaches children the concept of planning and time management.

2 Just Dance for a bit of physical activity, to socialize and overcome insecurities

Playing very often also means socializing. Who said you can't have fun with video games and do something constructive at the same time? Just Dance, I think, is one of the best group titles that you can make your children play and, at the same time, do some healthy physical activity. It is an ideal title to make your children overcome embarrassment and insecurities and, through dancing, they can express themselves freely and have fun.

If you're in any way frightened by the content of the songs, you can rest assured! Its classification, in fact, is PEGI 3, and this makes it safely suitable and certified for your children.

An updated version of this title is coming out this October.
Logically, if you're looking to spend a little money on something, we recommend Just Dance 2017 which, if you don't have the necessary motion controllers and special cameras, will give you the opportunity to use your smartphone as a motion sensor! (Function available on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U by downloading the Just Dance Controller App)

3 Stimulate your creativity with Minecraft...

Minecraft is probably a title that needs no introduction and somehow your son may have already told you about it. Otherwise know that this video game has become a real phenomenon on a global scale and allows young and old to express their creativity to the maximum. Your children will be able to build anything they can think of and thus develop their imagination and it is a powerful means, as well as toy constructions and drawings with crayons and pencils, to improve your children's communication skills.

Even Minecraft has been useful for an autistic child to learn how to socialize! It is a title that therefore lends itself as a great educational tool and is even ready to be implemented at school level in many countries!

4 ...And Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds, on the other hand, is suitable for slightly older children but, similarly to the cube title you can see above, it is an exceptional game to stimulate your children's creative vein.

Together with this game maybe give them a nice package of real Lego in order to establish links between game and video game and propose to reproduce the works he does with the real constructions in the game and vice versa!

5 Have fun with your children with Rocket League!

The games mentioned so far as well as being nice, attractive are also very educational and formative. Considering that however, the goal of a child is to grow up serene and have fun, there is nothing better than something immediate, colorful and caciarone!

Rocket League is able to mix two of the main interests of children: football and racing cars! It's a really cute game that gives children the chance to have fun and develop timing and precision. Being a game also practicable in competitive as well as cooperative mode stimulates a minimum sense of competition but it is all in good-natured and quiet connotations.

In short, dear parents, video games can also be suitable for younger children and can be particularly educational. Combining the right balance between video games, physical activity, school and recreation is the duty of every parent towards their children. Have a good game for you and your children!

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