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As part of the expansion pass for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a new storyline has been added featuring one of his lineages, i Ashen Wolves.

In this guide we will see how to be able to recruit them also in the main campaign, to have them as allies during one of the four routes of the game. If you want to know more about the different endings of the story and how you can get them, we invite you to read our guide about.

How to unlock the Abyss

To gain access to the Abyss during the main campaign, that's enough complete the first episode of the DLC story dedicated to the Ash Wolves.

At this point, a new NPC will appear in the Garreg Mach Monastery, the "Shady Merchant“, In a corner halfway between Byleth's accommodation and the Sauna. Speaking to him he will accompany us to the entrance to the Abyss.

Recruit and train new students

Depending on our progress through the DLC, we will have the opportunity to recruit all four members of the Ash Wolves one by one. Plus each of them will have its own grown version after the time-skip.

Once recruited, they will be trained and will be able to perform any type of secondary activity like all other students.

The House of the Ash Wolves

Until now, the only details revealed about this new group of students are that they live in the Abyss, that they are a house in name only, and that they are there because the world has turned its back on them.


Balthus (voiced by Subaru Kimura) is a strong member of the Ashen Wolves, boisterous, fearless and stoutly built. He fled into the Abyss as he was pursued by "evil people" and now faces anyone who intrudes on his new home, to protect its inhabitants.

From the DLC trailer it is also known that he uses relic named brass knuckles as weapons Vajra-Mushti, which is why he is called the "Fighting King of Leicester".


Voiced by Misawa Sachika, Hapi she is an apathetic girl who prefers to stay on the sidelines. She acts aloof from anything, but fights the invaders of the Abyss alongside the Ashen Wolves.

It is said that she became part of the place because of her own "particular" physical constitution.


Constance, voiced by Bridcutt Sarah Emi, is a young woman from the casata Nuvelle, which collapsed during a conflict a few years ago. While in the Abyss, he plots to rebuild his family and become world famous.

He appears polite, but behind his good manners hides a dominant character who tries relentlessly to get what he wants.



Finally, here is the leader of the Ashen Wolves, Yuri, voiced by Enoki Junya. He was a student of the Academy, but was expelled for several reasons. He now lives in the Abyss and has a vested interest in protecting him, which can be seen behind his harsh speeches.

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