Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Amiibo Rewards Guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, like most Nintendo Switch games, it is compatible with Amiibo. Using Amiibo will allow you to unlock some objects useful. Any Amiibo can be used just once month in the in-game calendar.

To use them you need to go to Amiibo Gazebo, located north of the main atrium of the Monastery.

There are two types of Amiibo in the game. The Amiibo of the Fire Emblem series and those of other series. All Amiibo are compatible with the title.

If you want to consult other guides or know everything about the game, consult our wiki.

The rewards of the Fire Emblem Amiibo

All Amiibo give the player various items useful for adventures a Fodlan, but those of Fire Emblem unlock music to be used in off-plot battles.

Below is the complete list of soundtracks and their chapter to which they belong.

  • Alm: "March to Deliverance" by FE Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  • Celica: “With Mila’s Divine Protection” di FE Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  • Chrome: “Destiny (Ablaze)” di FE Awakening
  • Corrin woman: “A Dark Fall (Fire)” by FE Fates
  • Corrin man: “Alight (Storm)” by FE Fates
  • Ike: “Eternal Bond” di FE Radiant Dawn
  • Lucina: “Conquest (Ablaze)” di FE Awakening
  • Marth: “The Time to Act” di FE Shadow Dragon
  • Robin: “Id (Purpose)” of FE Awakening
  • Roy: “Beneath a Night Light (Roy’s Courage)” di FE The Binding Blade
  • Tiki: “The World Tree” by FE Warriors

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