Final Fantasy XV - Tips for Getting Started

- Final Fantasy XV Things to separate before you start - New chapter and new mechanics. Fina Fantasy XV might initially take even the most avid fans by surprise, but thanks to these practical tips you'll be able to figure out all the focal points to focus on!


Starting a new adventure of Final Fantasy is not easy especially if, as often happens, have changed the basics of the game. Fortunately, at the beginning of the game you will be given a tutorial. Do not snub it but pay attention to the advice it provides. The new combat system is not difficult to learn but it is good to keep in mind all the new features. If after the tutorial you still find some difficulties remember that there is the TRAINING section in the main menu.


One of the first difficulties will be to make the difference between these two things especially regarding the PARADE and PROJECTIONS. In the first case if you press square Noctis will dodge enemy attacks, if you hold down the button, when recommended by the game, Noctis will perform a kickback parry. As for the second case, if you press triangle Noctis will launch into the hooked point, if you hold it down instead you can reach high surfaces or hang yourself.


At first it will be very annoying to walk around the vast map. Our advice is to proceed in the main plot up to Chapter 3 where you can unlock the Chocobo, the series' trademark yellow feathers, with which you can quickly ride around the map without wasting time.


The PA or Skill Points are essential to progress in the game and teach the team new Talents. Among the first ones you'll need to learn are definitely the ones to get the most PA points. Then unlock the Talents to get PA points by fishing, riding Chocobo, camping and riding around with the Regalia. This way you'll make sure that virtually every repeated action in the game gives you Skill Points.


In almost every location in the game there is a restaurant, an inn, a fast food restaurant, or any kind of food court. At these points you can talk to the manager, always do so because he will add to your map many places of interest such as Shelters, Parking lots, Treasures, Collections and new Locations. In addition, in these places you can also dedicate yourself to the missions of the Wanted.


In Final Fantasy XV resting allows you to absorb all the experience gained during the day and to level up. Remember, however, that resting in caravans, hotels or motels will not benefit from the bonus PA points we talked about in the section above or the dishes cooked by Ignis. However, you will have a higher percentage of experience, which usually increases by 0.2%. If you choose the map, Ignis will be able to prepare its own food for the next day.


And the minigame you'll find in almost every location. This is a particular type of pinball game where you will directly control the ball. Playing this pastime, with the modest number of 10 GUIL per game, and getting good scores, you will receive prizes, equipment and anything else.

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