Final Fantasy XV : Kingsglaive, know Before you Play

The day long awaited by fans of the legendary Square Enix saga has finally arrived and you can now have it in your hands Final Fantasy XV . The game has a fascinating and complex plot, which you will not be able to understand in some passages or fully enjoy if you have not seen the movie Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive . So much so that to fully enjoy the game of Tabata&co from the very first bars, the Japanese company has included in every copy of the Deluxe edition a blue ray containing nothing less than the Kingsglaive actual prologue of the events narrated in this new Final Fantasy XV edition. The prologue will become fundamental not only to understand the plot and some references during the dialogues, but also to be able to better enter into the psychology and past of the protagonists. We therefore felt it was our duty to dedicate an article in which we tell you about the events preceding the epic of Noctis. So if you haven't seen the film and don't want to see it, don't be afraid! Just read these few lines!


It all begins in Tenebrae, where King Regis and our Noctis, still recovering after a bad accident, were kindly received by Queen Sylva and her daughter Lunafreya respectively. During what seems to be in effect a day lived in peace and harmony, ominous and sinister black clouds, represented by the ships of the Niflheim empire, hover above the unsuspecting victims of the violent invasion that will occur shortly. Few manage to escape and among them is King Regis who, thanks to a special power handed down from generation to generation in the kingdom of Lucis, manages to make his way among the enemies, bringing Noctis and Lunafreya to safety. Unfortunately, Queen Sylva, who sacrifices herself to avoid the death of her son Ravus, has not had the same luck. During the escape, Lunafreya decides to stay in Tenebrae also to stay close to her brother, thus handing herself over to NIflheim.
12 years have passed and the narrative moves onto a battlefield where the empire's armies and a group of selected soldiers, the Kinsglaive, clash. These warriors with exceptional fighting techniques share Regis' precious power and are dependent on it at the same time. If something terrible were to happen to the King, they would see this magic disappear instantly. During this mission, Nyx Ulric prefers to disobey an order to go to the aid of his comrade and friend Libertus, which will result in him being sent back to Insomnia, Lucis' capital city.

In the meantime, at Insomnia, an unexpected guest arrives in the presence of the King; it is Ardyn Izunia, imperial chancellor of Niflheim, with a proposal for peace. Accepting this proposal, the war would end instantly, provided that the conditions were met, that all the territories beyond Insonmnia would lay down their arms and, as a sign of this agreement, the marriage between Noctis and Lunafreya. King Regis, aware of the fact that the magic wall erected thanks to the power of the Crystal kept in the capital may not last much longer, agrees to these conditions.
After this event, the commander of the Kingslgaive Drautos instructs the beautiful Crowe, a friend of Nyx and Libertus, to escort Princess Lunafreya to Lucis. A couple of days later, noticing Lunafreya's arrival in Insomnia, in full contrast with the King's plan to take her instead to Altissia to reach Noctis, it is clear that something has gone wrong. In fact, Crowe's lifeless body is found the next day, which makes Libertus go on a rampage and decides to abandon the Kingslgaive. Without letting such events cloud his mind, Nyx prefers to discover the truth, which leads him to locate the secret plan of Niflheim and the troops that have been hiding outside Insomnia. Nyx then immediately goes to King Regis to reveal what he has just discovered and at the same time it is revealed that Princess Lunafreya has mysteriously disappeared. Since the special soldier was present at the eve of the historic treaty signing the night before and had spoken with Lunafreya, giving her a brooch that was to be delivered to her by Crowe during his mission, he remembers seeing Neflheim General Glauca escorting the princess back to her rooms. This suggests that the girl was kidnapped and taken on one of the ships beyond the walls of Insomnia, also confirmed by the GPS in the clip. Regis therefore decides to send all available Kingslgaive to intercept the enemy's plan. Unfortunately for them, Niflheim is always one step ahead of everyone. Shortly before signing the treaty, Emperor Aldercapt reveals to Regis that the whole thing was a setup to lure the people Kingsglaive out of Insomnia, leaving him unprotected. The Niflheim forces present began to attack the capital of Lucis from the inside, destroying the magical barrier that overlooked the city and allowing the airborne troops to bomb from above and at the same time steal the precious Crystal.
In the meantime, Nyx rescues Lunafreya, but discovers that the coup is thanks to many infiltrators of the Kingslgaive. Fortunately, the couple reaches Insomnia and King Regis, who is in the midst of General Glauca. During the clash, Regis loses the finger on which the Ring of Light rests. Lunafreya's brother, Ravus, decides to wear it to get the power of the Gods, who instead refuse it by burning his arm. Leaving Glauca momentarily behind, Regis gives the ring to Lunafreya, begging her to meet Noctis and give it to him. The two manage to leave the palace only thanks to the King's sacrifice, who perishes under Glauca's blows.

When it all seems to be coming to an end, Nyx and Lunafreya are joined by Drautos, who had also mysteriously disappeared shortly before taking part in the enemy ships' Kingsglaive plan to intercept them. They are also joined by Libertus who, having learned of the spies within the King's special forces that had in fact led to Crowe's death, attacks Drautos who turns out to be Glauca. He is too strong for the last Kingsglaive , now powerless after the King's death. One step away from death, Nyx wears the Ring, entering a parallel reality where he meets the Light Gods. Initially considered unworthy, he gains the power to use their power until dawn, in exchange for his life. With this pact, Nyx delivers the Ring to Lunafreya, allowing her and Libertus to escape while keeping Glauca at bay. With the city in ruins and Glauca defeated, our hero dies at the first light of day as set out in the covenant. Libertus manages to escort Lunafreya out of the city, but the princess decides to continue on her own in search of Noctis, as traveling with the now last survivor of the survivors would Kingsglaive attract too much attention...
After the credits, we see Noctis and his friends who are forced to stop on the road due to a problem with their car. That's how it starts Final Fantasy XV .

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