Final Fantasy X-2 PS2 Solution

Final Fantasy X-2 it's a role-playing video game developed by Square for Sony PlayStation 2. The RPG is the direct sequel to Final Fantasy X.

Sin was defeated by the invoker Yuna, who brought the eternal Calm to the world of Speyer. However, the girl has separated from her beloved Tidus, who is missing. Two years pass and Kimahri, Yuna's ex-guardian, finds a sphere on the Sacred Mount Gagazet depicting a boy in all respects similar to Tidus who talks to those who seem to be his tormentors. Yuna sets out in search of him and joins the Seagulls ball hunter group, of which Rikku and Paine belong.
The world of Spira in Final Fantasy X-2 features three new major organizations:
-The Youth League headed by Nooj, a former member of the Militia;
-New Yevon (Neo Yevon) headed by Praetor Baralai, whose past is shrouded in mystery;
-The Drivers headed by Gippal, Albhed who participated in Operation Mihen.
The structure of the game is, at least for the Final Fantasy series, unedited. The story is divided into 5 chapters, each consisting of a certain number of missions. Some of these - indeed most of them - are optional, while others are mandatory. Aside from the optional missions, however, many bonus scenes and animated cutscenes are lost.


In Chapter 5, when you arrive at the Djose Temple, go talk to a man who asks you for a password and say MARNELA. The man will give you another manual that will allow you to fight the experiment again.

To get this ending, let the final boss fire his cannon. This process takes about 30 minutes during which all you have to do is wait for it to fire. The dialogue must go on 7 times before the cannon fires.

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