Final Fantasy X-2 PS2 cheats

Final Fantasy X-2 is a video game released in 2003 for Sony PlayStation 2. This is the direct sequel to Final Fantasy X, also published by Square.

After defeating Sin, the invoker Yuna brought peace to the world but separated from her beloved Tidus, who passed away. Two years later Kimahri, former guardian of Yuna, finds a sphere on the Sacred Mount Gagazet in which a young boy can be seen, in all respects similar to Tidus, busy talking to some strangers who seem to be holding him prisoner. Yuna then sets out in search of Tidus and joins the Seagulls, a group of Orb-hunters who also include Rikku and Paine among their ranks.
A journey in which Yuna meets many of her old acquaintances, with the story of Final Fantasy X-2 which is divided into five chapters, each of which consists of a certain number of missions, many of which are optional. Others, on the other hand, are mandatory, but by not completing the additional ones, animated scenes and important aspects of the plot are still lost.

When you go to the Djose Temple, go talk to the man who asks you for a password, and answer MARNELA. The man will give you an extra repair manual to fight the experiment again.

To get this ending, let the final boss fire his cannon. This process takes at least 30 minutes in which all you have to do is wait for him to make his move. His speech must be repeated 7 times before the cannon fires.

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