Final Fantasy VII Remake | How to Defeat All the Bosses

The first episode of the show confronts Final Fantasy VII Remake us with a whole series of spectacular boss fightwhich will test any kind of player, especially those who are not used to very fast and dynamic fights.

In this guide, we will tell you how to defeat all the bosses in the game, sorted according to a chronological criterion, indicating all the best strategies to achieve victory. Remember that this guide is constantly updated, so come back often to visit us, so as not to miss even one of our updates.

Chapter 1

Scorpion Sentinel

This gigantic robotic sentinel is the first boss of Final Fantasy VII Remake , and already represents a not insignificant challenge in itself. Fortunately, you will be made aware from the very beginning of the fight of the boss' weakness at thelightning elementand Barret happens to have spheres of matter just like this one.

Equip the matter in question and make sure Barret casts the spell Steelskinso as to increase its defensive parameters and stay in combat for as long as possible. As for Cloud, try to inflict as much damage with fire attacks and Punisher mode.

Something important: never stay too long in the vicinity of the boss.... In this case, in fact, he can easily wipe you out with a blow of his tail, or he can even try to crush you by jumping on you.

The moment, however, when he's pointing his laser sight Against that, the boss will launch missiles. You may be able to dodge them, but we don't recommend it, as you will still suffer a fair amount of damage, so stop this attack.

The moment you inflict a certain amount of damage, the boss will generate a barrierpreventing you from attacking it and targeting you with devastating area attacks. In this case, circumvent it as soon as possible and start targeting the barrier generator, located just below the tail of the sentinel.

When the boss jumps over the wall, hit him with Barret's Overcharge shots to bring him down, and don't forget to use both Barret's and Cloud's special techniques.

At a certain point in the collision, the robot will launch missiles, which will drop some debris around the reactor. In this case, you'll have to use these boulders as a shelter from the boss' devastating laser attacks, while still targeting him with spells.

In the final stages of the fight, your opponent will hurl a whole series of attacks at you, forcing you to fight at a distance. For this very reason, take advantage of Barret's attacks, and always be careful to avoid the boss' laser.

Chapter 2

The Huntsman (Secondary Boss)

You will face this boss at the end of Chapter Two, along with other Shinra soldiers. Basically, this is a regular Riot Trooper, but with more powerful attackshigher defense values, and armed with grenades.

Before you confront him, however, get rid of his unwieldy allies, including an Riot Trooper and several security soldiers. You can easily annihilate the seconds, and then concentrate on the former with fire-based attacks and Punisher mode.

When it's time to face the mini boss, never let your guard down: this opponent can inflict considerable damage, especially if he can parry your physical attacks with his shield.

Pay attention to its attack called "Riot Shield", with which it will launch at you at very high velocity, hurling itself at you. The attack in question is very difficult to dodge, which is why the best solution is to stop it.

Use fire attacks to lower his defenses and target him with your most powerful shots; in doing so, you should get rid of him in no time.

Chapter 3

Section currently being updated.

Chapter 4

Roche (Motorcycle Racing)

During the final stages of your crazy motorcycle race, you'll have to deal with Roche, better known as "Speed Demon". This boss won't be a straightforward one to defeat, but you can get to the bottom of it if you keep in mind the most important piece of advice of all: defence first.

First, you will need to dodge the sword cleaversthat will be able to hit you even from a great distance. Fortunately, if you move from right to left, you should have no major problems with that. Pay attention to the attack patterns of the bosses: the slices in question will tend to hit the same areas over and over again, and with the right amount of attention, you will remain virtually unharmed.

However, don't forget to attack, especially when the boss is not nearby, by pressing L1 + TRIANGLE to throw a ranged attack.

If Roche starts moving to the sides of the tunnel, it means he's going to throw electrical attacks at you. Again, don't worry - watch the direction of these attacks carefully and dodge them. Attack every time you can, but at this stage of the fight, defense should be your first thought.

Immediately after these attacks, Roche will launch at you at great speed; dodge this attack and hit him with your most powerful attacks, as he will stay right next to your bike for a few moments. Repeat the procedure and the victory is yours.

Chapter 5

Section currently being updated.

Chapter 6

Crab Warden

The Crab Warden has a lot of points on his body that you can hit, but to knock him out for good, you'll have to aim at each of his legs. The boss is weak on the magic of the lightningso make sure you have some of that kind of material in your equipment before the fight. The more you have, the better, but don't forget to give Barret a sphere, as he can move away from the battlefield and support the fighters in melee with spells.

As soon as you start the fight, the boss will slide in... electricity on the tracks of the train; for this very reason, make sure that no member of your team is on them. He will repeat this action from time to time, so keep an eye on the enemy and, as soon as he is preparing the attack in question, move away and stay off the rails.

Once the electricity dissipates, get Cloud and Tifa to focus on the melee attacks on the boss's legs and, in the meantime, command whoever has assigned the lightning type matter to attack the sentinel with its spells. Attack the boss's legs from the sides and back; this strategy will come in handy, as the boss's fire mouths are all concentrated on the front.

However, pay attention to his explosive attack area that, should it strike you, it will inflict great damage, even if you are not at the centre of the explosion. Repeat this cycle of attacks and defenses until you destroy one of the boss's legs, causing it to wobble; use this opportunity to inflict large amounts of damage with your own ATB Skill.

Your opponent will add further attacks to his repertoire as the damage you inflict on him increases, finally opening up two large missile launchers lateral. These attacks are difficult to dodge, so defend yourself to mitigate the damage and, in the meantime, continue to use mercilessly lightning spells.

Missile launchers pose a significant threat, so destroy them before anything else, forcing the boss to expose his main generator. At that point, you should be able to reach the enemy's weak spot with your attacks, finishing off the boss in no time.

Chapter 7

Section currently being updated.


The Airbuster is the first boss fight in which the decisions you make in the Reactor 5before fighting, will directly affect the difficulty of the battle. You can find up to six magnetic keys as you move through Reactor 5 labs before the boss fight. Each of these keys can be used to remove weapons from the Airbuster, which will be to your advantage.

Removing AI cores reduces the enemy's speed of movement, as well as the ability to use stun attacks; removing Big Bomber bullets will prevent the boss from using large explosives that are very harmful to you; finally, removing the M-unit will reward you with random objects, which you can retrieve before the fight, but in this case you won't affect the difficulty of the fight.

You can decide what to take away from the Airbuster based on your playing style; however, the Big Bomber Bullets represent one of the boss's strongest attacks, and depriving him of them may be the best possible choice.

If you're in possession of Elemental Matter, this is a great time to use it. Equip Barret with a sphere of lightningThis way you will cause more damage to the boss and increase the chances of knocking him out.

In the initial stages of combat, you will begin using only Cloud. Think mainly about defending yourself, so that you block all the bullets and laser beams of the boss, and dodge the EM mines. If you succeed, approach the enemy and execute physical attacks, but be careful: the Airbuster will use an explosion of static electricity to repel you if you delay too long. Instead, use spells whenever you are not defending yourself; as mentioned above, the Airbuster is weak at Lightning. Hit it with spells like this and your opponent will get stunned, giving you a chance to get close to him and hit him with your ATB abilities.

If Cloud is suffering too much damage, the ability Lifesaver of Barret's will come in very handy, allowing our gunner to take damage instead of the other characters.

After a while, the Airbuster will turn around and He's going to take on Barret and Tifa. As happened with Cloud, now you'll have the chance to get close to inflict some damage, but watch out for Airbuster Jets, which will periodically shoot at you and drop you to the ground.

When the second phase of the fight begins, you'll have to worry about thelaser attack of the Airbuster. The boss will direct it down the center gangway, making it easy enough to dodge, but make sure you avoid the shot, otherwise your characters will suffer a lot of damage. From here on, the Airbuster will periodically fire the laser; when it does, take cover.

At this point, you can get close to the boss and hit him at close range, continuing to target him with lightning strikes. After a short time, the Airbuster's arms will split up, generating electrical discharges. When this happens, fire on one of the arms to knock it out quickly, using Barret's magic and abilities. The arms will move to the other gangway and try to hit it, so try to stay away from it.

Once you've taken out at least half of the health bar, the boss will move to the side of the catwalk, beyond the reach of your melee attacks. Pass the ball to Barret, and open fire with his machine gun, continuing to cast as many lightning spells as you can. When the Airbuster approaches the catwalk again, bring the characters who are able to face the boss up close, inflicting as much damage as possible.

At this point, the Airbuster will begin to raise its mechanical arms, with which it can hit you with machine guns or flame throwers. In addition, the boss will also use his laser attack, rotating it and, therefore, covering a larger area. In all these cases, dodging attacks is the best solution.

As the Airbuster's health declines, keep hammering it with Lightning type spells. Bringing it closer to death will trigger some powerful attacks from the boss, such as the Big Bomber Bulletsexplosive rounds directed at one of your teammates. However, if you have removed this component with magnetic cards, you should not have any kind of problem. Insist with the above attacks, and the victory will be yours.

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