Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: Trophies and Achievements Guide

This section of the guide shows how to get all 1000G of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Achievements on Xbox One or how to climb the trophies to Platinum on PS4!

Miraculous enterprise
Witness that you have accomplished a mission without reporting losses in the field. 30 G
It is enough to carry out any mission without any of the 3 initial members chosen losing their lives. Select a simple mission and face it several times to understand how to overcome it without dying is not a difficult result to achieve especially if you try to get it in pairs with the trophy / goal "Sine qua non".

Spiritual research
You testify that you studied the origin of life by collecting 100 phantoms. 15 G
Spiritual enlightenment
Witness that you revealed the essence of life by collecting 500 phantoms. 15 G

Lethal Talent
Witness that you defeated 20 enemies under Lethal Reflex, demonstrating great warrior skill. 15 G
The lethal reflex is the technique with which you can instantly kill an enemy if you can hit him a second before he attacks you. Help yourself by aiming it, when a kind of red circular marker forms, it's a good time to hit. Magic and characters with fire hooks are recommended for this target.

Lethal mastery
Testify that you relentlessly defeated 100 enemies under lethal reflex. 30 G
See Lethal Talent.

Phoenix Claw
Testify that you decimated the enemy ranks by defeating 100 enemies. 15 G

Flame of the Phoenix
Witness that you annihilated the opposing armies by defeating 300 enemies. 30 G

Scourge of the Tiger
Testify that you have succeeded against Milites by defeating 20 Imperial soldiers. 15 G

Tiger Nemesis
Witness that you dealt a blow to the forces of the Milites by defeating 100 Imperial soldiers. 15 G

Even if it kills me
You testify that you defied death by following a special order. 15 G
To execute Special Orders ( O.S. ) on a mission, you will first have to activate them at Akademeia and then press the touch pad on PS4 or the related button on Xbox One, when on mission a letter symbol appears in the upper left corner of the screen. Warning, the penalty for losing an O.S. is death!!!

Hunter Instinct
Witness that you've been known to care about monsters haunting Orience. 15 G
Defeat monsters in a random encounter for the first time.

Hunter Spirit
Witness that you have triumphed 50 times over the monsters that haunt Orience. 15 G

Warrior value
Witness that you have completed 3 missions proving your worth. 15 G

Warrior honor
Testify that you have completed 15 missions honourably confirming your worth. 15 G

Special Impunity
Witness that you were able to escape the fatal consequences of a failed special order. 30 G

Collective Testimony
Witness that you recovered 5 dog tags without being overwhelmed by events. 15 G
The recognition plates are often found during missions, they are those small spheres that you will see shining on the ground. They are usually found near a corpse. Platelets are cumulative and you can replay one mission to get more. You can also exchange them with the Moguri that wanders around in the atrium in front of the main Akademeia portal.

Existential Testimony
You testify that you recovered 25 dog tags showing calm and cool head. 15 G
See "Collective Testimony"

Vermilion vessel
Testify that you have awakened the wings of Setzer showing fearlessness and adventurous spirit. 15 G
Follow the mini-guide below to soar into the air with the Ark of the Agitus:
-Complete the first mission of Chapter 7.
-Talk to the Expert Training Character located near the main gate of the Akademia arena. He will tell you that Operation Homecoming is available, choose to tackle it and remember that it requires level 40 or higher.
-On the world map, go to the region indicated and complete the training you just accepted.
-Now you'll be able to access Bazz, a new city. Come in and go to the back of the main area to talk to a woman who has a quest for you.
-After you accept the quest, get out of Bazz and head south. Look for the indicated cave and enter it, on your way there will be many King Behemot level 99, use the Chocobo to go around them and continue.
- Inside the Cave you will find the Fallen Vessel where you will have to defeat 7 Iron Giants of level 44, you will have to kill them all in order to free the airship.
-Once removed, activate the 4 switches in the ship, then proceed to the control cabin at the front tip. Interact with the control panel and activate the ship thus unlocking the Setzer and the related lens/trophy.

Feathery Running
Witness you were quick enough to capture 1 chocobo. 15 G

Feather marathon
Witness you're fast and snappy enough to catch 30 chocobos. 30 G

Chocobo family head
You testify that you gladdened the world by raising five chocobo in the stable. 15 G

Chocobo chief
You testify that by raising 100 chocobo in the stable, you've found a lot of new friends. 30 G

Secret dedication
Witness you defied the unknown with secret training. 15 G

Tenacious dedication
Testify that you defeated 20 enemies with admirable tenacity in a simulated fight. 15 G
See "Killer Dedication".

Killer dedication
Witness that you defeated 100 enemies with admirable determination in simulated combat.
15 G
During Chapter 2, you will gain access to the Arena where you can fight several enemies in a row. The fights are individual and once killed you will have to start over again. Don't worry if you don't succeed immediately, once you reach a good level it will be very easy to get this result and remember that simulated fights also provide EXP.

Erratic freedom
Witness that you visited all the cities of Rubrum after freeing them from the enemy yoke. 15 G

Applied curiosity
You testify that you followed Mog's first lesson by demonstrating praiseworthy intellectual curiosity. 15 G
During Chapter 2, you will unlock Mog's Lessons in Classroom 0 of Akademeia. If you sacrifice free time to follow these lessons, you will get several permanent bonuses to your stats.

Winged Loquacity
You testify that you chatted with the moguri of each class showing particular loquacity. 15 G
Akademeia has many Moguri in different clothes. Each of them is responsible for each of the many classes in the institute. You will often find them in the following places:
-Relax room
-Outcome from Akademeia
Their position is constantly changing so talk to everyone you meet often. The best way to achieve this goal/trophy is to scour all areas of Akademeia and paralyze with every Moguri you encounter. If you don't get the result, talk often with those who change in the Atrium and you will see that you will unlock it in a short time.

Sine qua non
You testify that you've been on a mission with a team in Raptus. 15 G
When you start a mission you may notice that some characters are highlighted in yellow. Those characters are in Raptus state and will face the mission with special benefits. Compose your team of members only with Raptus and finish the mission. Try to get it with the "Miraculous Quest" trophy/goal.

Explosive Involvement
You testify that you defeated the enemy by demonstrating skill in blowing up the tanks. 15 G
Use a character with Ignis or firearms. While any large mechanical enemy is intent on hitting your comrades, position yourself behind him and hit him to blow up his tanks.

Words beyond the border
You testify that you wanted to know your enemy by talking to 3 surrendered soldiers. 15 G
In areas where there is an Enemy Leader to defeat, you only need to eliminate him first so that his subordinates surrender instantly. Approach them and talk to them to get the result and accumulate objects.

Stories beyond the border
You testify that you wanted to know the opposite side by talking to 15 surrendered soldiers. 15 G
See "Words Beyond the Boundary"


Zero hour
You testify that you turned the battle around during the three hours that changed the world. 15 G

Reconquest banners
Witness that you valiantly raised the vermilion flag. 15 G

Heart of the beast
You testify that you bravely faced weapons of mass destruction. 15 G

Royal audience
You testify that you heard the words of the last Queen before her return to oblivion. 15 G

Dragon Slayer
Witness your valor in the battle of Judecca. 15 G

Occult threat
You testify that you fought to carry out Khalia's decision. 15 G

Crystal Truth
Testify that you have discovered the truth about the fate of the Crystals. 30 G

Final Judgement
You testify that you faced the Finis verdict. 80 G

One against all
Witness that you got the One On All bonus at the end of a mission. 80 G
Finish a mission with one character.

Lonely trench
Testify that you got the "Lonely Trench" bonus at the end of a mission. 30 G

Few but good
Witness that you got the "Few but good" bonus at the end of a mission. 15 G

Winning strategy
You testify that you got the highest rating on a mission by excelling in the art of warfare. 15 G
You get S on any mission.

Otherworldly Pact
Witness that you discovered the mysteries of invocation by making the first pact with an Esper. 15 G

Otherworldly devotion
Witness that you explored the mysteries of the invocation by making a pact with 6 different Expers. 15 G

Hunter doggedness
You testify that you've faced 5 consecutive hordes of monsters without backing down. 30 G
During random encounters you may be asked to overcome another horde of stronger enemies at the end of the encounter. Overtake 5 hordes to achieve this.

Extreme dexterity
Witness you dodged 500 last-minute attacks with admirable dexterity. 15 G
We recommend that you maximize your characters' dodging skills.

Aerial Vocation
Witness that you shot down 50 enemies in the air with excellent aim and trigger ready. 15 G
There are several flying enemies, use firearms to shoot them down quickly.

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