Final Fantasy Tactics PS1 cheats and codes

Final Fantasy Tactics it's a strategic role-playing video game developed by Square and distributed for Sony PlayStation first in Japan, in 1997, and later in North America. The game boasts elements typical of other Final Fantasy but a game engine and a gameplay different from that of the Final Fantasy games that preceded it.

Final Fantasy Tactics it can be considered a sort of response to Ogre Battle / Tactics Ogre by Quest Corporation, a software house that later merged into Square. Final Fantasy Tactics uses a 3D isometric graphics which at the time was in contrast with the 32-bit one that was usually seen. The pitch can be rotated and the game, unfortunately, has never been officially published in Italian.
The protagonist of the game is Ramza Beoulve, initially a member of the Hokuten (Northern Sky Knights). However, he deserted after Delita Hyral's sister, his best friend, was killed. Ramza discovers that the Church of Murond Glabados is not what it appears to be and that the demons plan to resurrect their leader, Altima. Ramza is therefore considered a heretic and hunted by his enemies.

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When invisible, you can gain XP when you use Jumping on a dead enemy or friend. The game's code considers invisibility a priority, not considering the fact that the target character is already dead.

At level 9 of the Deep Dungeon you should be fighting a team of ninjas. Prepare the CATCH skill. If you're lucky, one of the ninjas will throw a Chaos Blade at you. If you take it, it will then be yours!

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