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    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - How to Add Friends, What is Travel Log

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    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles allows you to add friends either with a code or after “following” each other.

    There are several ways to add people to your Friends List in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, and one method requires Friend Codes. I know I know; I am also excited. Let's start with the more complicated ways to add friends first.

    In the Set Out Together tab of the main menu (accessible via the world map) you will find the Host, Join, Quickmatch, and Travel Log. For the purposes of this guide, we'll ignore Quickmatch. The easiest way to add friends from here is to reference your journey log - the last 100 people you've played with will appear here, and you can follow any of them. If someone you follow is following you, you are friends, that easy. That said, it can take some coordination, and hoping to meet someone you know randomly through matchmaking is not optimal. This is where Friend Codes come in.

    The one-time invitation code works exactly as it says on the box: it is a 30-minute code, and once it has expired, so does the invitation to your lobby in the Host menu. You can certainly use it to quickly coralize your friends in a match and then add each other up through the travel log, but there's an even easier method: the invite code at the top right of the Host / menus. Join. You can message your friends (outside of the game, naturally), and they can either type that code into the search bar to find you, or use the dedicated Friend tab in the main menu. Follow them and voila, you are friends.

    Yes, there is a dedicated Friend tab in the main menu, and this is the easiest way to add friends. You can use it to manage your existing friends or to view the travel log to add people. Invitation codes can be found and used here, but you'll still need to follow yourself. Honestly, while everything I talked about above works, you'd be much better off using this dedicated menu. The Set Out Together options are great if you are already building a lobby for your friends or are looking for one of theirs. However, if you'd rather avoid some of the headaches that come with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition's friend system, use the dedicated Friends tab.


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