Final Fantasy 9 PS1 walkthrough and tricks

Final Fantasy IX it is, we say it at the cost of disagreeing with some readers, one of the best role-playing video games ever. Developed and released by Square in 2000 for Sony PlayStation, Final Fantasy 9 is the latest episode of the saga released on PS1.

After the most realistic Final Fantasy VIII, the ninth chapter returns to offer the public deformed characters, with bright colors and very often funny and light-hearted appearance. Adapted in Italian, the game sees the presence of a multitude of characters who, in the version for the local market, speak with different accents such as Roman, Sardinian or Sicilian.
The game's story is mainly set in the city of Alexandria, where preparations are underway for the sixteenth birthday of Garnet, princess and daughter of Queen Brahne. To celebrate the event, a company of actors was hired, but they are bandits who want to kidnap the girl. Among the members of this gang is Gidan, a boy with a monkey tail and the protagonist of the game, who remembers practically nothing of his past. The Garnet's kidnapping however, it does not go according to plan, also because the girl actually aims to be kidnapped to shed light on the behavior of her mother, who recently seems to be no longer in herself.

Escape from Alexandria is more difficult than expected and the brigands' airship, on which the wizard Vivi and the captain of the imperial guards Adalberto Steiner are also found, crashes just outside the city. The passengers of the aircraft are all unharmed but they have at their heels the servants that Brahne sent to condemn the bandits and above all to recover the rebellious daughter. The story develops from here in an exciting way, between twists, dramatic moments and others much more tender and introspective, such as the one that sees Vivi protagonist of the discovery of his true being.

In the final screen press R2, L1, R2, R2, UP, X, RIGHT, CIRCLE, DOWN, TRIANGLE, L2, R1, R2, L1, SQUARE, SQUARE. Press START to play Blackjack.

At the beginning of Disc 3, when you control Vivi, you can race against Hippaul in the streets of Alexandria. Each time you defeat Hippaul, he gains a level. Every 10 levels you get a prize. To challenge Hippaul, you have to alternately press the CIRCLE and SQUARE keys, quickly. Each time Hippaul levels up, he becomes faster and harder to defeat.
Wyerd Card - Hippaul level 10
Carrion Worm Card - Hippaul level 20
Tantarian Card - Hippaul level 30
Armstrong Card - Hippaul level 40
Ribbon Card - Hippaul level 50
Nova Dragon Card - Hippaul level 60
Genji Card - Hippaul level 70
Athlete Queen - Hippaul level 80

Final Fantasy IX - Squaresoft (2000)


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