Final Fantasy 7 Remake: All Side Quest completion Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake as any good role-playing game has from its large number of secondary assignments that will fill players' downtime. During the course of its many chapters the player will be forced to face different events in Storyline and will then have access to secondary missions called "side quest tasks".

These tasks are nothing more than the Final fantasy version of the secondary quests that we know in virtually all other video games.

In the course of this guide we will find out all the most important information on how to complete these side quests and how to get the legendary All-rounder Trophy

What are side Quest tasks?

Side quest tasks are the term used by Final Fantasy 7 Remake to indicate non-mandatory missions to continue the story. There are 26 side quests tasks in the game and by completing them all you'll get the exclusive "Legendary Trophy".

Unfortunately it is impossible to get the trophy in a single walkthrough because in chapter 9 only three out of five quests will be complete. The two missing quests will have to be completed through the select chapter option available in the game menu after completing the main storyline at least once and seeing the credits in any game difficulty.

Any quests that you miss during your game can also be recovered through the chapter selector.

Chapter 3

Lost Friends

Where: residential area
Sender: Betty
Requirements: none, all-rounder assignment related to history
Reward: 1x Maiden Kiss

This handyman assignment will ask the player to go in search of Betty's feline friends. You will need to go around the slums looking for three cats.

By talking to Betty we will be given three clues about the three places where the cats will be hiding; these clues will be repeated to us every time we talk to her before we complete the assignment. Every time we will approach a cat we will hear a meow in the game audio and we will have Tifa to suggest the presence of the cat. All three cats are white and also fairly easy to find.

The first cat is nearby along the street that leads our people out of the residential area towards the square. The clue itself spoke of crowded places.

The second cat is in front of the Seventh Heaven bar, to the right of the entrance door. The clue in question referred to the free food that cats get by doing so.

The third cat is in a place a bit more complicated to reach. Leave the apartment where you can rest and look at the houses behind the fence; there you will find a woman with a green symbol on her head. Talking to each other we will understand that our third cat will be inside the big metal tube that the girl is guarding; going to cover the other hole of the tube we will find the cat and we will carry out our first task.

Rat Problem

Where: Residential area
Sender: Owner of the item store.
Requirements: none, assignment related to history
Reward: 5 Grants

From where you received your handyman assignment, head north. Climb the stairs and enter a circular room with a green floor; from here try to crawl under pipes to get to an open area. Here you'll find the first werewolf rats to be put down, and the meat of a broadsword that's easy to put down.

After eliminating these first rats returned from who gave you the quest to receive information about the next place to disinfest.

The second place where you will have to go to eliminate rattacci will be the circular area that you can see on the map; to get here you will have to crawl under some pipes but nothing particularly difficult. Once you have eliminated these rats you will return to your employer to receive the above mentioned reward, composed of 5 Granpotions.

On The Prowl

Where: Residential area
Sender: Wymer
Requirements: having completed Rat Problems
Reward: Elixir

This mission will ask the player to eliminate a Shinra police dog that is patrolling the neighborhoods making them much more dangerous than they should be.

After talking to Wymer you will have to figure out where the location to reach for the completion of the mission. Follow the road just to the right of Wymer himself and try to reach the end to find the bad dog to face.

The Wrath Hound in question is a slightly tougher opponent than those who usually infest our battles but is susceptible to the element of frost; thanks to the blizzard magic we will be able to send him into crisis and we can do him even more damage.

After taking away 30% of its greeting points it will run away and force us to chase it. Let's go back and talk to Wymer who will explain where to follow the animal the second time, along a previously unbeaten path.

We follow the animal to the end of the road again and we will find ourselves facing the beast again. The strategy described above also applies to this second encounter: we use our frost element magic as much as possible to send it into crisis and we try to exploit the Cloud Assault mode to maximize the damage.

After eliminating the opponent we return to Wymer to get our reward.

Chadley's Report

Where: Residential area
Sender: Chadley
Requirements: none, this handyman assignment is related to the storyline
Reward: 500 gil

To complete this mission we will need to analyze two types of enemies. In order to complete this challenge we will have the obligation to use the matter assess (which is automatically placed in our inventory as a key object, let's not worry) on two different types of enemies.

Scanning enemies costs an ATB charge and will give us a lot of useful information about opponents. Going down Scrap Boulevard we'll find different types of monsters like werewolves or gorgers; analyzing them we'll complete the mission and returning to Chadley we'll get the reward mentioned above.

Noises in the factory (Nuisance in the factory)

Where: Residential area
Sender: Scrap seller
Requirements: None, this handyman assignment is related to the storyline
Reward: 500 gil

Let's talk to the scrap dealer in the pillar square (the area before arriving at the train station) and talk to Narjin, in front of the fence.

Narjin will ask us to go inside the abandoned factory to eliminate two groups of little people. These little monsters are very weak in the wind, which is why the Aero matter will be perfect to bring them down in a short time. Sending them into crisis to the sound of wind element attacks they will find themselves forced to land and will find themselves at the mercy of our blows.

One group is in the northernmost area of the abandoned factory while the other group is in the southernmost area; eliminate them both, go and talk to the scrap dealer to get the tiny reward of the case.

Escaped to the cemetery (Just flew in the graveyard)

Where: Residential area
Sender: Gwen
Requirements: You must have completed noises in the factory
Reward: Starry bracelet

Talk to Gwen after completing the previous quest so you can start this new assignment. You'll need to retrieve a security key from inside an abandoned factory that you already know.

Enter the factory and try to reach the westernmost part of the factory, go to the big room with the two gorgers, avoid going up the stairs and try to reach the area with the door closed. When you open it you will reveal some boxes and on one of them you will find the above mentioned security key.

Once you have retrieved the object, go to the north area of the factory, in the same room where you have eliminated the living quarters during the previous quest to open one of the doors with the security key. When you open the door you will find yourself face to face with the viverna cerelea, the boss of the case weak to the air element.

Spam him against the plane and hit him with the strongest attacks you have available, remember to change character often to maximize the damage using the most appropriate moves and try to send the beast into crisis.

Once you have knocked him down, go back to Gwen and talk to him to get the Star Pendant, the reward for completing the quest.

Chapter 8

The mysterious moogle merchant

Where: children's secret hideout
Sender: moogie
Requirements: have completed the main mission "escort the children".
Reward: mogul club membership card

This mission is extremely easy and only asks the player to buy the mogul's club membership card from the child's shop. To buy the card you need a moguri medal, a medal that you will surely have obtained throughout history by destroying crates.

To try to speed up the completion of quests, we also recommend that you buy the cemetery key for a single moguri medal, a key object that will be useful for a later assignment.

Weapons gone mad (Weapons on a rampage)

Where: station boulevard
Sender: Frightened Man
Requirements: have completed the main mission "escort the children".
Reward: protective boots

This challenge asks the player to take down five crazed shinra exoskeletons on behalf of a frightened man. These exoskeletons are grouped into two groups, one by two and the other by three.

The small groups are located one in the circular area to the northwest of where you take the quest and the other along the road you find to the northeast by the frightened man. To take down these opponents we recommend that you provide Cloud with all the magical warfare potential you can (be careful to use Aero, magic against which opponents are weak) using Aerith's offensive spells to inflict more damage.

Once eliminated the opponents return to the frightened man to get the protective boots of the case.

Paying Respect

Where: Central District
Sender: Elderly
Requirements: Having completed the mission "Crazy Weapons"
Reward: Starry bracelet

This mission will ask the player to go free haunted cemetery because it prevents a poor old man from visiting his wife's grave. In order to complete this mission, you must obtain the key to the cemetery mentioned above, which can be obtained by purchasing it from the Moguri Shop for a medal.

The cemetery in question is located in Nuts n Bolt's Hills, in the southeast. To guard this area you will find 3 venomanties, enemies that will probably be the biggest challenge so far. These types of enemies are able to inflict poison status and are also able to do a good amount of damage.

In order to take them down with relative ease, we recommend that you equip your best ice attacks and use them intelligently to stun and weaken enemies. Let Aerith take care of you and try to use your support materials intelligently to try to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Once you've eliminated your opponents, go back to the elder to give him good news and redeem the reward.

Kids on patrol

Where: Central District
Sender: Ms. Folia
Requirements: Have completed the main mission "escort the children".
Reward: Nailed bat

This mission will ask the player to bring back to Folia all the children who are still out patrolling. These children are recognizable by their wooden weapons.

As with the cat's mission, the clues given by Folia can be used to try to understand the location of the children.

The number one child, for example, is between two concrete pipes in the southwest corner of the central district, at a corner from another child.

Child number two, on the other hand, is located next to the object store, in the middle of a bunch of different people.

The number three child is located just outside the gun shop, in a visible spot from the previous child's position.

Child number four is standing in front of a bench, outside the room with the jukebox playing tango of tears, on the way to the orphanage.

Child number five is located at the gates of the city, along the road from the central district to the station boulevard.

Find all the children back from Folai to keep the reward and continue with the assignments.

A verified hero

Where: central district
Sender: Sarah
Requirements: You must have completed the mission "young patrol".
Reward: A moogle medal, an elixir and a crescent moon amulet, Spectral Gear (based on your score)

In order to complete this task you need to complete the breaker challenge with at least 10,000 points. The Breaker's Challenge is a mini-game that you can undertake inside the children's secret hideout where, with a minute and a half of time, you will be able to unleash your fury by destroying crates, boxes and other things.

The bigger the crates, the more shots are needed to bring them down. Triple Slash ability crates, so you can destroy the big 1500-point crates; using twice that ability will destroy those crates and from there on you can advance to the next one by destroying everything else in between.

Depending on the score obtained, you will get a more or less important reward.

  • Less than 10,000 points: moogle medal
  • Between 10,000 points and 20,000 points : Elixir
  • Between 20,000 points and 30,000 points: crescent moon amulet
  • Over 30,000 points: Spooky Gear and the Splitter Trophy

Remember that to complete the task you will need to have obtained at least 10,000 points.

The angel of the slums

Where: Central District
Sender: Damon
Requirements: have completed the main mission "Escort the children" and have completed the assignment "Young Pattauglia".
Reward: 2,000 Gil

This challenge asks the player to investigate the angel of the slums. To complete this challenge, go and talk to Mireille, the explorer present at the entrance to the community centre (the building next to Damon). After talking to Mirelle you will need to go to Lookout Point, a place located in the northeastern end of the slums in Sector 5 and there defeat a dangerous enemy.

The Chromagger in question is a fearsome enemy, with several area attacks and a high number of health points. Equip Cloud with all matters concerning the Thunder Element and try to equip one on Aerith as well, so that you have as much damage as possible. available and have the best solutions to wear out the enemy. Once exhausted, focus on the monster's body with physical attacks from the cloud in assault mode, effectively maximizing the damage. In two or three turns of the buoy you'll be able to take home this fight and close the accounts with this opponent.

Once eliminated, you retrieve the item and return to Damon to complete the mission and receive the reward.

Chapter 9

Burning Thighs

Where: Walled Market
Sender: Jules
Requirements: Complete the main mission "Underground Coliseum".
Reward: 3 megapotions

To complete this challenge there is the need to face and defeat ronnie in a Squat race, one of the mini games in Final Fantasy VII Remake. To complete this challenge you have to press in order (according to the timing, a bit like in a rhythm game) the buttons that will appear on screen. The deeper you get into the challenge, the more difficult it will become.

To complete this challenge, specifically, you need to beat Ronnie at least the first round. This specifically is very easy as Ronnie will only fall on the floor because of his bad coordination. Completing the challenge will give you the three megapotions.

By completing all the challenges of the minigame you will be able to obtain the "Sultan of Squat" trophy.

The Party Never Stops

Where: Walled Market
Sender: Son of the clothing store owner.
Requirements: Make the following choices during chapter 9

  • Talking to Sam (Chocobo's cowboy): saying that Tifa is "absolutely fit"
  • In the walled market, after completing the event starring Johnny, respond in the affirmative to his lines of dialogue
  • In the walled market, talk to the NPC in front of the hotel and ask him "How much".
  • In the walled market, speak to the hotel receptionist and answer yes.
  • After you have done these actions go to the abzu stoat in Corneo where you will meet the Trio
  • When Sam flips the coin, you choose to have no deal.
  • Choose the cheapest massage from those available
  • When Aerith asks Cloud if he appreciates his Outfit, you answer that "it's okay"
  • Complete the main mission "The Underground Colosseum".

Reward: Turbojet
NOTE: It makes it impossible to complete the tasks "The Price of the Robbery" and "The Stripping Counterattack"; in order to complete these tasks it is necessary to select the chapter again from the appropriate menu.

Let's start this particularly complicated one.

Leaving the dress shop where you got the quest you will meet Johnny who will take you to the lair of drunks. Follow him and talk to the old drunk father, to the right of the bar, half collapsed on the counter and talk to him.

Go to the Matter shop and talk to the seller you find lying on the ground; he will ask you to go and fetch an item from the vending machine you find at the inn. Go to the inn and use the vending machine; the game will warn you that by using the matter you use to analyze the monsters you can get special objects, the higher the matter level is.

By using the matter three times you will get life sip, crimson thorn and sauce respectively; the latter is the object you will need to complete the task of the case. Go back to the material seller and give him the three objects.

Head to the restaurant and talk to the owner who will ask you for advice on how to improve your food. In this case each of the options will lead you to the same result because the prize depends on the maximum level of your elementary subjects.

  • At least one elemental matter (Fire, Thunder, Ice) of level 3: moogle medal
  • At least one elemental matter (Fire, Thunder, Ice) of level 2: Panacea

Regardless of the level of your subject matter, you will get the medicine voucher, the object for which you came all the way here.

When you get this item you will see Johnny running out of the restaurant because of a stomachache; you leave the restaurant to find him lying on a corner with a pharmacist next to him. Talk to the pharmacist who will order you to deliver some medicine.

Depending on the level of your subject cleansing your tasks will be different.

  • Matter Cleansing Level 1: Find a person
  • Cleansing level 2 matter: find two people
  • Cleansing Matter Level 3: Find three people

In order to be able to continue the quest of our interest it will be necessary to find a single person but, in case we succeed, finding the other people will give us access to more interesting rewards.

The first sick person is in the bathroom of the drunkard's den.
The second sick person is lying near a wall behind the clothes shop; to get there you will need to go a little further north of the shop.
The third sick person is located in the street south of the massage parlour.

Go back to the pharmacist and this will give you the VIP card to give to the drunk father you'll find at the drunkard's lair. Hand over the card and go back to his son at the dress shop to get the reward for this very long quest.

A Dynamite Body

Where: Walled Market
Sender: Sam
Requirements: having completed the "the party never ends" task
Reward: Arcane Scepter

After talking to Sam go to the colosseum and select "special match from the menu". The NPC will take you inside the arena and you will face two Piros.
The pyros are emblematic monsters of the world of Final Fantasy and should be brought down by unleashing all the strongest ice element techniques you have, alternating them with the most powerful physical attacks around.

Once you've completed the battle and seen the Cutscene talk to Sam outside the arena, he'll either reward you with the Arcane Scepter (if you're playing chapter 9 for the first time) or he'll completely heal HP and MP (if you've already completed chapter 9).

The Price of Thievery

Where: Walled Market
Sender: Mireille
Requirements: Make the following choices during chapter 9

  • Talking to Sam (Chocobo's cowboy): say Tifa is "a good one with books".
  • In the walled market don't talk to the guy in front of the hotel and don't talk to the hotel receptionist.
  • Ignore the event with Johnny
  • When Sam flips the coin, say "head."
  • Choose the most expensive massage among those available
  • When Aerith asks Cloud if he appreciates his Outfit answer that "it looks comfortable".
  • Complete the main mission "The Underground Colosseum".

Reward: True business card
PLEASE NOTE: It makes it impossible to complete the "Party Never Ends" and "A Body Bomb" assignments; in order to complete these assignments you must select the chapter again from the appropriate menu.

To complete this challenge head to Evergreen Park and then north into the tunnel to face the bandits. Take down all the threats in front of you and return to Mireille.

Shears' Counterattack

Where: Walled Market
Sender: Colosseum porter
Requirements: Have completed the assignment "The Price of Robbery".
Reward: Arcane Scepter

This challenge asks the player to go to the underground coliseum and then talk to the porter. Select Special Match and get ready to face an interesting opponent.

Head over to the Colosseum and speak to the Gatekeeper. Select 'Special Match' and you'll be taken to the arena.

The enemy of the case will be the "Jury-Rigged Cutter", an enhanced version of an enemy you already know. If you have with you thunder element matters at level 2 don't turn out too complicated as a clash, simply dodge the majority of his attacks by rolling and attack him with all the lightning you have to wear him down.

Once eliminated, return to Madam M on the inbound to receive the rich reward. The same rules apply as for the completion of the task "a body bomb".

Chapter 14

Chocobo Search

Where: Station Avenue
Sender: Groom
Requirements: Having started chapter 14
Reward: Fast Travel Release (Lifetime Pass for Sam's deliveries)

This assignment asks the player to go around Midgar looking for three escaped chocobo. To try to retrieve these nice feathers, the groom will provide us with three units of cast iron grass, the animal's favorite food.

The first Chocobo you have to pass the cemetery to get to the upper part of the Nuts N' Bolts area, there you will find the first bird. When you try to get close to the first chocobo you will then be attacked by a rust bucket, an enhanced version of enemies that you have already attacked. Unlike its previous iterations this monster is not weak on magic, which is why we recommend using Barret to inflict the majority of the damage. Eliminate him to get close to the chocobo, feed him and send him home.

The second chocobo is located just north of the train station, on the way to the sanctuary. In this case there is no monster to deal with; get close to the bird, feed it and send it home.

The third chocobo is located in the slums of sector 6, along the collapsed gallery (in a locaiton that you learned about during chapter 13). Again, in order to get to the Chocobo you will need to take down three Thrypapolis (three upgraded versions of Varghidpolis). These monsters are quite resistant to both magical and physical attacks and will be hard enough to knock down. Fortunately for us their attack is mediocre and they will be able to do a limited amount of damage to our heroes. After defeating them, give the chocobo the cast iron grass to complete this Quest.

Missing Children

Where: Central District of Sector 5
Sender: Ms Folia
Requirements: Have started chapter 14 and completed the "Young Patrol" assignment in chapter 8.
Reward: Time Matter

Yet another mission in which it is necessary to go in search of missing children. After talking to Mr Folia, head to the northeast slums in Sector 5, towards the cemetery.

Here you will find Oates, the indicted child; this is the same place you presumably visited during chapter eight during the "slum angel" assignment. After talking to Oates you will find yourself fighting two Phantoms, two slightly stronger variants of monsters that you have already fought during chapter 11.

These monsters are only weak to fire element attacks and physical afflictions, which is why you'll be able to master these two types of attacks in an attempt to bring them down. If you have the enemy skill matter you can take advantage of it to get the "Spirit Siphon" skill from your opponents

Eliminate the Phantoms and return to Mr Folia to get the reward of the case and move on.

Corneo's Secret Stash Treasure

Where: Via del Santuario - Bassifondi sector 5
Sender: Damon
Requirements: Have started chapter 14 and completed the Male Bandit quest.
Reward: The art of the sword volume 3

This quest can start at two different points in the game world depending on where you are with Johnny.

  • If you have already accepted the Tomboy Bandit assignment from Johnny, you will find Damon in front of the church.
  • If you haven't accepted the assignment from Johnny (Tomboy Bandit) you'll find Damon outside Aerith's house

In order to complete this challenge you must obtain the Key of the Corneo cellar from Kyrie, this key is obtained by completing the Tomboy Bandit assignment above. The assignment specifically will ask us to plunder the secret treasures of Horneus that are hidden behind doors with elaborate oriental motifs, doors that you have surely seen during the course of your game.

Find those doors, open all the treasures and return to Marle to complete the quest.

Where are the various hidden treasures of Horny? Let's see it together.

Treasure number one: The first treasure is located in the Steel Mountain area, not far from the area's fast travel point. Open the golden door with the dragon motif on it to access Don Corneo's first hidden treasure. The reward of the case is a Ruby Tiara.

Treasure number two: the second treasure is located inside the collapsed Highway, always close to the fast travel point. Enter the tunnel and take the left at the fork to find the usual door with the dragon motif on it. Open the case to find the diamond tiara.

Treasure number three: the third treasure is the most complicated to reach and is located inside the sewers, one of the locations that are unlocked by continuing within chapter 14. The first time you find this location you can not open the door because of the water present; after removing the abzu stoat instead you can drain the water to open the door and find the Emeralds Tiara.

Give the tiaras to Marle to complete the mission and get the long-awaited book on swordplay.

Tomboy Bandit

Where: Underground station - Shallows sector 5
Sender: Johnny
Requirements: Having started chapter 14
Reward: key to Corneo's cellar, Johnny's wallet

Head to the church, go inside and talk to Kirye who will be admiring Aerith's flowers in the meantime. You will discover that Kirye is not willing to give you the key you asked for unless you eliminate specific shinra troops.

Head to the colosseum in the walled market and select the special match option from the usual NPC. Face Hell Hound and Beastmaster to complete this quest.

The hellhound is a particularly complicated enemy to deal with. It is helped by two flames Hell Hound's flame will enter into a kind of fury and begin to ring heavy attacks of different sizes.

Try to dodge as much of it as possible and then start the process again; after exhausting it two or three times Hell Hound will fall at your feet as the most docile of the dogs. Using a matter of ice element at level 3 you will be able to extinguish its red flame in a single blow.

Go back to Kyrie at the church to get the key to Corneo's cellar and Johnny's wallet; go back to Johnny at the train station to give him back his wallet and complete the last match for the Inseparable Friend trophy.

Secret Medicine

Where:Central slum district of Sector 5
Sender: Doctor
Requirements: Having started chapter 14
Reward: Telluric Writings 3

This challenge will ask the player to help a doctor put together the perfect medicine for his purposes. To do this we will have to go and explore all midgar in search of various hidden ingredients.

Let's see together how you can complete this challenge.

Ingredient number 1: the first thing we will have to look for is the moguri mortar, an object that can be bought for a single moguri medal from the dedicated shop in the secret hiding place of the children we will have already known during the course of different assignments.

Ingredient number 2: The second ingredient we will have to look for is something more floral. It will be our task to go and look for medicinal flowers inside the church which I know is located in the most north-west area of the whole sector 5.

Ingredient number 3: Our third ingredient will be a Behemoth horn. This ingredient will be obtained automatically upon completion of the "underground threat" task below.

Once you get the ingredients back to the doctor and redeem the juicy reward of the case.

Subterranean Menace

Where: Evergreen Park, slums of Sector 6
Sender: Wymer
Requirements: Having started chapter 14
Reward: Behemoth Horn, Wrecking Ball

This challenge will ask us players to face a very particular monster on behalf of Wymer. Enter the laboratory through the opening in the park and go straight ahead until you reach a door ajar with yellow ribbon on it.

Open the door, follow the corridor that follows and go to confront the Behemoth Type 0, certainly the most impressive enemy of the game to date. The Behemoth in question is so large that it is separated into four different components: top, bottom, horn and Behemoth.

First of all, avoid using spells; they would be bounced off the horn more powerfully. Try to attack in equal measure the upper part of the behemoth's body and the lower part, so that the behemoth will be forced to fall apart. Once on the ground begin to attack the horn until you destroy the horn as well. Repeat the process over and over again, also using the spells once the monster is out of the horn.

Once all the life points have been removed, it's time to survive its meteor attack, which will force you to dodge continuously until you run out of animations. Take Behemoth's horn, go back to Wymer and get the reward of the case to end the task.

The power of music

Where: Walled Market
Sender: Betty
Requirements: Having started chapter 14
Reward: The shooter's partner volume 3

This challenge asks the player to fetch around the Wall Market three precise music discs:

  • Good Night, Until Tomorrow
  • Fight On
  • Stand Up

This is how you get the three discs, directly from our guide on the subject:

Music Disc Number 16: Good Night, Until Tomorrow
This music record is located within the walled market area, in the hotel more precisely. Talk to the elderly gentleman at the receptionist's side to get the above mentioned track.

Music Disc Number 12: Fight On
Buy this record from the Souvenir shop inside the first room of the Colosseum.

Music disc number 30: Stand Up
In order to get this record you need to talk to the girl in the alley to the left of the entrance of the Honey Bee Inn.

Go back to Betty, put the records in the Jukebox, get the remcpensa and move on to your next assignment.

Malicious Goons

Where: Walled Market
Sender: Madam M
Requirements: Having started chapter 14
Reward: Nothing

To complete this story go to Aeris' house and try to reach the small circular arena at the back, where you fought against Reno during the story. Horny's henchmen will escape by letting a Tonberry go ahead.

Fortunately for us, unlike the old Final Fantasy, here the Tonberry is a monster very susceptible to physical attacks that wears out with simplicity. Just keep a few phoenix tails handy in case it kills one of your party members and that's it.

Eliminate it and you will get an Elixir.

Wavering Heart

Where: Walled Market
Sender: Andrea/Jules
Requirements: Having started chapter 14
Reward: The way of the fist volume 3

This challenge will ask the player to help cheer to defeat Andrea in a traction match. Just as with the Squat minigame, you'll have to press buttons in order to allow our heroine to do the right things at the right time.

Once the challenge is complete you'll get the reward and you can go back to doing something else.

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