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The past weekend was the fifth edition of Gamergy in Madrid, organized by the professional video game League and one of the best and biggest electronic sports events sports that we are in our country and in general in the world and which was held from 24 to 26 June. The event was held at IFEMA, very spacious and perfect Center to locate this Conference. It Gamergy not only was the place for the different competitions such as League of legends and Counter Strike among others many but also to show us some updates and developments in hardware. We could make that tournament marked more expectation was the League of legends, one of the most successful games have des of years ago, very competitive and in which strategy and team marks a before and a later in the video game industry. In the enclosure could see both an area in which had tournaments amateur as also the area main in which the players professional competed by teams, tournaments that followed via streaming ones 24,000 spectators although many decided to go for live them sensations that transmitted an event of such features. The dish strong of this Gamergy 2016 was no doubt League of legends, those players professional they were surrounded by bleachers and giant screens where were different headings of professional players who were in the breathtaking scenery, the deployment of resources that were used to cover this tournament, the largest by the repercussion that has LOL. During the Saturday made them quarters of end and the Sunday is played the semifinal by it tomorrow and by the afternoon the great end, in which is raised Victor G2Vodafone leaving to the end 3 to 2 against Asus Army, an end very exciting and full of moments for framing.

As to Call of duty was a tournament also made that lasted from Friday to Saturday but with a slightly more humble stage and with not so much expectation, was not a dish that is as strong as the LOL that was announced in social networks without stopping and which had been created much commotion above. In the case of Call of Duty also they competed a few quarter-final to then reach a hard-fought semifinal and a final in which KIYF Logitech set did not it is easy the Giants advancing with leaps and bounds. Ultimately close, put the Giants as victors of the Cup final of Call of Duty. In the case of single Counter Strike there was a tournament on Sunday. Although in this case competition has been minimized to four parties of the eight that we had used it has been a tournament that has also had a lot of people. The vast majority of people gambled on K1ck.G2A as a winner against the gBots, first started very well but is deflated in the semifinals. GBots, again splitting as not followers would face Newskill Infinity and win the cup of Counter Strike. In addition to the most popular tournaments there were tournaments, a more amateur themed video games such as Fifa, Call of duty and Hearthstone in which players could go out there with a quite succulent economic prize or if not with next-generation hardware. Speaking of peripheral and new hardware as already is has commented in addition to them large areas of competition also could find us areas where the main brands as Asus, Nvidia and more exposed their latest news. Addition to also had an area in which them players could try them new glasses of reality virtual of HTC and Oculus Rift and also with elements peripheral that did that the experience out even more immersive as is the movement of the floor vibrating. Had des of games of themed zombie to others that you offered an experience of mountain Russian. Other areas of the fair which undoubtedly further enriched the content of the same were areas in which it could play older Arcades and the Nintendo 64 consoles, also a zone in which everything was the new game from Blizzard-themed, Overwatch, which is undoubtedly one of the promises in the e-sports and where you could challenge professional players and participate in succulent draws. No stop nor comment on the contest of Cosplay, centred on League of legends, in which contestants were unveiled their best costumes inspired by the famous video game characters in addition to a scenography which subsequently appreciated a jury. Without place to doubts an of the best things that has this type of event is that many players can know to their idols, both players professional of teams official of them e -sports as also them called casters and that are so famous by the networks social and that would be them commentators of them parties. Even also had the possibility of challenge the players in it called Beat the pro in that those players could challenge to professional famous in Parties to Fifa, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, etc. We are before one of the most complete in the video game industry and undoubtedly attracts each time to a greater segment of the population, a sector of the population to not only enjoy the games that it also sees it as a possible future business, not just dedicated to create video games themselves but in power participate and engage in everything that comprises the game such as casters or players professionals who are really taken as a work the fact train with his team and overcome tournaments and competitions. Tournaments like these have nothing to envy to football or to more traditional sports and well sure that increasingly will be welcoming more market influence.

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